Every year we color eggs for Easter. Of course we want to have different ones every-time and this time I bring you a very quick and simple way to color eggs. They turn out like little art works!

Step 1:

All you need is:
cooked, cooled Eggs
a Plastic Tray

Step 2:

Put a layer of cling-foil into the plastic tray, add a layer of kitchen-paper and make drops or stripes with food-coloring onto it.

Step 3:

Roll an egg up into the kitchen-paper and cling-foil an leave for at least 4 hours.

Step 4:

Unwrap and let dry completely.

Don't they look great?
very cool idea I will have to try this. I am going to start hard boiling eggs all year round but they are easier to keep track of if they are colored. Plus it is fun. I will try this soon.
I love this idea! It is perfect for me because I can't draw or paint! thanks for sharing and have an awesome Easter! <br>sunshiine
Did you try it?
Not yet! I had planned to when my son visits but he changed the plans for now. I will share a picture when I do! Have a beautiful day! <br>sunshiine
These are very cool looking, I always like a twist on Easter egg dying! Nicely done!
Thank you!
Pretty...but way too much trouble!
It's no trouble at all and very quickly done.
Cool! It would be fun to try this with different textured paper towels :)
Yes that was what I was thinking too. Next time I make sure I have some different ones.

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