Picture of Coloring Easter Eggs
Every year we color eggs for Easter. Of course we want to have different ones every-time and this time I bring you a very quick and simple way to color eggs. They turn out like little art works!
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Step 1:

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All you need is:
cooked, cooled Eggs
a Plastic Tray

Step 2:

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Put a layer of cling-foil into the plastic tray, add a layer of kitchen-paper and make drops or stripes with food-coloring onto it.

Step 3:

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Roll an egg up into the kitchen-paper and cling-foil an leave for at least 4 hours.

Step 4:

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Unwrap and let dry completely.

Don't they look great?
saosport1 year ago
very cool idea I will have to try this. I am going to start hard boiling eggs all year round but they are easier to keep track of if they are colored. Plus it is fun. I will try this soon.
sunshiine2 years ago
I love this idea! It is perfect for me because I can't draw or paint! thanks for sharing and have an awesome Easter!
Pane-Bistecca (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Did you try it?
Not yet! I had planned to when my son visits but he changed the plans for now. I will share a picture when I do! Have a beautiful day!
poofrabbit2 years ago
These are very cool looking, I always like a twist on Easter egg dying! Nicely done!
Pane-Bistecca (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thank you!
judywhite12 years ago
Pretty...but way too much trouble!
Pane-Bistecca (author)  judywhite12 years ago
It's no trouble at all and very quickly done.
Cool! It would be fun to try this with different textured paper towels :)
Pane-Bistecca (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Yes that was what I was thinking too. Next time I make sure I have some different ones.