Picture of Colossal Pirate Ship Decor
It was a very rainy night, but enough kids braved the weather to make it all worth it. The pirate ship decor was huge success, we even got several parents that came out after their kids came home and convinced them to take a look. The projection caught people's attention and the Smoke-Ring-Cannon knocked them off their feet. 

The objectives of the project were to make as big a pirate ship as feasible all the while minimizing the storage necessary to hide it between events (we might set it up for birthdays, or even camping. We used some cheep fabric and tent poles for the construction, it was a little flimsy but held on this very wet night. We also wanted to use the sail to project Halloween images onto it; including our very own floating skulls effect.

Step 1: Plans and Items

Picture of Plans and Items
Fabric is expensive, and cheap substitutes are not readily available in these dimensions so we plopped 60$ on 20 meters beige rip-stop. I had the tent poles from a failed project (giant smoke ring cannon). I had most of the other items on hand.
  1. 10 meters of 2 meter wide fabric (60$) (we doubled up 20m)
  2. 3 tent poles (≈5m, 5m and 3m in length)
  3. Brown paint or stain
  4. Wide sharpie marker
  5. 1/8 inch steel bar (5 inches)
  6. 8 foot long 2 by 4 (mast)
  7. Scrap wood to make the base of the mast (including bamboo, or broom stick for the flag pole)
  8. Wide bucket for crow's nest (6$ at dollar store)
  9. Pirate flag
  10. White bed sheet
  11. Closet rod
  12. Projector

Great!! I saw the crow's nest ;) Love it.

Renard_Bleu (author)  stringstretcher1 year ago

Thanks! You are definitely in the minority; I'll have to animate the little guy up there next year...

Maybe I can help... have a look at my animatronic chicken. Hehehe, every pirate needs one :P


Renard_Bleu (author)  stringstretcher1 year ago

Holy moly, that guy has tons of personality! Is it for an art exibit or something? Bravo!

It was made as part of a machine featured in Beauty and the Beast here a couple of years ago. I built a BIG car with a ship's wheel, smoke ring cannon, huge gears, explosions... and a chicken :P Thanks for looking!

profort1 year ago
That rarity IS what makes Halloween so great.
profort1 year ago
This is amazingly wonderfully done.
Renard_Bleu (author)  profort1 year ago
Thanks! It is sad that Halloween only comes once a year...
oldmicah1 year ago
Very nicely done! Love the rip stop, paint technique, and tent pole combo... It really is a fantastic effect.
Renard_Bleu (author)  oldmicah1 year ago
Thanks, I just put it away, and it fit snug in the bottom of a plastic bin! We are very happy with the results.