Introduction: Colour Pop Technique in Lightroom

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The Aim of this Instructable is to show how to do a simple colour pop technique in Adobe Lightroom without photoshop. This is also quicker than the photoshop method.

Be kind as this is my first instructable

Step 1: Pick Your Photo

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 chose a photo that has a splash of colour e.g. a flower .
Next go to the develop module and select the adjustment Brush

Step 2: Make It Greyscale

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 Click on the - Button in the adjustment brush panel this will make the brush make your picture b/w
Make the brush as big as possible and paint over the picture (Make sure auto mask is off) - it should go black and white

Step 3: Add Some Colour

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 Next click new in the adjustment brush panel
Then click the + button next to saturation
Now make your brush the size you want that gives you good control and turn on auto mask
now paint over the area you want in colour

And your done


lemonie (author)2009-11-12

It would help to say a bit more about the software and where to download it -can you edit that in?


blackwellj (author)lemonie2009-12-10

 it is made by adobe  and can be purchased from there or you can get it by other means :)

lemonie (author)blackwellj2009-12-10

Yes I know, you could add into the Instructable with include a link to "there"?


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