Colour Separations




Introduction: Colour Separations

If you want to change a pictures color then your in luck!
This is something to try whether you are using film or digital. The technique is pretty  new and at least in some circumstances is the only way to get a colour photograph from a DSLR camera. This is a fun mod for your DSLR camera.

Step 1: Explanation

For the record, the gels I used were: (Wratten numbers) 25 (red tricolour), 61 (deep green tricolour), 47B (deep blue tricolour), and I also tried 34 (violet). You can try anything, but strong blues are quite difficult to find. It might be worth trying a blue colour conversion filter such as 80A.

Or go for something completely different, and get an unusual effect!

Step 2: Trying It Out

The technique is straightforward, and just as described above. Of course the camera must not move between exposures as you are swapping the filters over. This is a montage of my three coloured shots and (bottom right) the combined image.

Step 3: My Conclusion

As you can see, doing these steps might give your pictures a cool but odd look :) But this is a good picture mod to make a picture cool. I've done this to my cats and it looks amazing. But i cant show you them because my camera usb broke so i'll add them when its fixed.



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