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Introduction: Coloured Henna

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When we talk about henna we get stuck into one colour, I found out a great product which gives you coloured henna stains which is free of ammonia and PPD. For those who wish to buy, let me know below in the comment box, I’ll give you the details of where to buy :) shall we get started?

Step 1: The Colours

I have got many colors, but for this design I’m using black and orange.

Step 2: Prior to the Design

For a bride I would recommend getting done her manicure and the body wax before getting done henna, because manicure and body wax might lighten the colour of the henna.

Step 3: Basics

The basic techniques and different ways to use them are shown above.

Step 4: One by One

Now let’s see how to create a design using these techniques.

Step 5: How To..

Step 6: The Fingers

Step 7: Drying and Washing

Once the design is created, leave it on for 30- 40 minutes until it’s completely dry and then u could peel it off or wash it off.

Step 8:

Done. You could decorate this design with rhinestones using some lash glue.

Share pictures if you try it out. And vote :)

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    34 Discussions

    I need those different colors where I'm I going to get them?

    How long does it stay?

    Is any Golecha brand safe? Or is it certain types of cones?

    Should this even be an instructable? I want to learn how to make my own... smh

    try online in eBay, few comments down there is a link.

    try online in eBay, few comments down there is a link.

    Oh wow awesome . Your designs are gr8. I like them. Nice work.

    Tell me what you think about this site the information there about henna is correct?


    2 years ago

    How do you make the henna different colors? I find it fascinating to make it my self.

    1 reply

    Natural henna comes in only one color that is reddish brown. this henna is made out of different plant extracts to get different colors. I'm not sure how to make it. I'm sorry i couldn't be more helpful xxx

    I love love love you work. I would like the information to buy the colored henna please. Just starting my henna drawing journey and is looking for a new twist on a great expression on the henna culture. I had it done on myself many times. I draw very well and make lots of things with my hands. Such as Crochet, baby bling shoes, cosmetology, decorating, painting. The creative Mom :-)

    1 reply

    aww thank you soo much, try in ebay, look for "golecha henna" you should be able to find some. I'm just like you girl, i pretty much do anything and everything related to crafting. you should check my makeup instructables if you are into cosmetology xxx

    I love henna designs. This looks amazing. Does this have any side effects because i want to try this for my wedding. Once i had skin allergy when i applied henna. I want o this excellent design which i found online. Tell me you r thoughts on this.

    1 reply

    i would always recommend doing a patch test on the back of your elbow to check if you have any reactions to the henna. even if it is natural henna always do the patch test because some essential oils react to certain types of skin. let me know if i can help you with anything else xx

    Very cool:) but does it act like regular henna? (I mean drying time and stain darkness)