Colourful Bottle





Introduction: Colourful Bottle

Decorate your room with this beautiful plastic bottle that looks like a colourful crystal.
It's very easy, cheap, beautiful and fast to make it.

Step 1: Materials

It's very easy, cheap, beautiful and fast to make it.
You will need this materials:
-1 Plastic Bottle.
-Paints that colors water.
*If you havn't this paints you can take the ink by a pen or a marker or you can use tube with colour.

Step 2: Bottle Bend

Push the bottle down vertically to bend it.

Step 3: Fill the Bottle

Now you must fill the bottle eith water or you can colour the water before fill the bottle.

Step 4: Ink

*If you already paint the water omission step.
Put some ink in the bottle.

Step 5: Lid

Push the bottle down until water reach orifice of the lid.

Step 6: Candle

Place a candle behind your bottle an then lower the lights.
Look at it it's very bautiful.

Step 7: Beautiful

And that's it.
You can make many colours.
It's very easy i think.
Sorry if I make some mistakes with my English.
This is my first project an I hope you like.



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Great job, espesially for a first instructable!

instead of cooking a plastic bottle, just pour boiling water in, that should make it easier to shape it while its heated.

you dont need boiling water, i just pushed it down and then filled it with water and food coloring and it just stayed that way...

But if you start pushing down on a bottle that was just filled with boiling water, the water can push out and onto your hands.

that is a great idea I am going to make this ,only I am going to wire an LED inside the cap witch I'll paint black.

Thats very neat looking i think i'll make one.

That is very cool. I made one of these and it was fast, easy, and people could not even tell if it was a bottle from a distance. Nice job.

Hey gr8 idea .... Have u thought of inverting the bottle and fit the upside down neck and cap into a pre-drilled hole in the base .... ( to look its best the bottle must be completely full of liquid .... Thanks 4 a great starter idea : - }