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Introduction: Colourful Bottle

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Decorate your room with this beautiful plastic bottle that looks like a colourful crystal.
It's very easy, cheap, beautiful and fast to make it.

Step 1: Materials

It's very easy, cheap, beautiful and fast to make it.
You will need this materials:
-1 Plastic Bottle.
-Paints that colors water.
*If you havn't this paints you can take the ink by a pen or a marker or you can use tube with colour.

Step 2: Bottle Bend

Push the bottle down vertically to bend it.

Step 3: Fill the Bottle

Now you must fill the bottle eith water or you can colour the water before fill the bottle.

Step 4: Ink

*If you already paint the water omission step.
Put some ink in the bottle.

Step 5: Lid

Push the bottle down until water reach orifice of the lid.

Step 6: Candle

Place a candle behind your bottle an then lower the lights.
Look at it it's very bautiful.

Step 7: Beautiful

And that's it.
You can make many colours.
It's very easy i think.
Sorry if I make some mistakes with my English.
This is my first project an I hope you like.



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    Great job, espesially for a first instructable!

    instead of cooking a plastic bottle, just pour boiling water in, that should make it easier to shape it while its heated.

    2 replies

    you dont need boiling water, i just pushed it down and then filled it with water and food coloring and it just stayed that way...

    But if you start pushing down on a bottle that was just filled with boiling water, the water can push out and onto your hands.

    that is a great idea I am going to make this ,only I am going to wire an LED inside the cap witch I'll paint black.

    Thats very neat looking i think i'll make one.

    That is very cool. I made one of these and it was fast, easy, and people could not even tell if it was a bottle from a distance. Nice job.

    Hey gr8 idea .... Have u thought of inverting the bottle and fit the upside down neck and cap into a pre-drilled hole in the base .... ( to look its best the bottle must be completely full of liquid .... Thanks 4 a great starter idea : - }

    Before reading it and just looking at the pics I thought you melted the bottles. Probably could achieve similar or cooler looking effectt (that would hold shape) by GENTLY cooking the plastic bottles. Plastic fumes are dangerous so dont do it without knowing the risk. But if I were to do it - I'd wrap it loosely in aluminum foil and bake it maybe outside in a barbeque at a real low setting. Maybe even bake while filled with water (but not in the house!). All of this has some danger to it - so dont take this as advice, and the young ones shouldnt try it. Personally I dont like the bottle cap on the top. Drill some two inch holes in a long board or box and mount a bunch upside down with some LED lighting underneath.

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    Oh yeah - I would imagine if the your heat source is preheated it would take about one minute.

    since the bottles are blow-molded (basicaly a frozen balloon) when you heat them they shrink. some will shrink in the dishwasher (some more noticably than others) and some need more heat (like trying to dry paper mache pulp in the oven). it goes very quickly over a bonfire (leave the cap off).

    u could also make the bottle have several colors by adding color to a cup of water and pouring it into the crushed bottle, then adding another color to the bottle, only some of it will mix, according to my experience

    sweet, im gonna try this out

    This is pretty neat. I'm gonna try it the next time I have some time to burn. good instructable.

    I really love the way LED's look when you put them under a bottle of liquid. if stuck a throwie minus the magnet underneath it it'd look pretty cool, just keep a piece of plastic or paper to slide in to turn it off. And also if you don't have the ink / paint you could consider brightly colored drinks(gatoraid or poweraid work well) and in the unfortunate event that it should spill it won't be as likely to stain. And if you for some reason want to switch colors but reuse the bottle these won't stain the inside of the bottle.

    nice maby someone should incorporate some LED's (hint hint) cough cough very kool

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    I was actually looking for a neat container for a liquid + LED project. This should do perfectly. Now I just have to have some free time to do the project. I'll post it whenever I have the time ot actually do the project :P

    I dont know, my last couple of projects with elec+water didnt exactly turn out well... otherwrise, great project!