Introduction: Colourful Candles

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In this tutorial,I will show you how to make
colourful and cute candles.

I love them and I hope you love them too.

Step 1: Get Ready!

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You will need crayons, an egg, aluminum foil cup, cutter knife,
candles (50g), lighter, can and a pot.

For the candles I recommend using small ones.
(These materials are for one candle.)

Step 2: Peel Away!

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First you will need to peel the paper off the crayon.

And cut the wicks 3cm each.

Step 3: Fire It Up!

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Next you need to melt the candles and the crayons
together in the can.

Put water in the pot and put the can inside
the pot.

And wait until the candles melt.

Step 4: Crack!

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While the candles are melting, crack the egg like the photo.

Step 5: Pour It In!

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When the candles are melted, take the wicks out and
Put them on a milk carton to cool it off

Then pour the wax from the can into the
egg shell.
And put the wick in and wait.

Step 6: Shiny Cup!

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Get the aluminum foil cup ready.

Choose your next colour and
Put it in a can with candles
and fire it up.

Step 7: Pour Again!

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When your candles are melted,
pour it in your aluminum foil cup.

Step 8: Melt Them Together and You Are Done!

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Lastly melt them together
and you are finished your
colorful and cute candle.


Bum bum bunny (author)2015-08-28


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seamster (author)2015-08-26

Using the egg shell like that is very clever. Great looking candles!

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