Colourful Fall Makeup Look





Introduction: Colourful Fall Makeup Look

1. First you are going to apply your face of makeup as you usually do.

2. Then you are going to want to take a red eye shadow and blend this into the crease of your eye keeping it off the lid.

3. Then taking an orange your are going to want to apply this to the outer corner of your eye taking this up into the red.

4. Then with a yellow apply this to the inner corner of your eye and taking this into the orange and red.

5. Then go back in with the colour and apply them until you are happy with the look.

6. Then with a brown you are going to want to apply this line a eye liner to the upper lid.

7. Then with a green you are going to want to apply this to the lower lash line and into the waterline.

8. Then apply your mascara and even lashes to finish this look.



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