Colourful Key Chains-Rainbow


Introduction: Colourful Key Chains-Rainbow

Inspired by Lydia chen's book about "The complete book of chinese knotting" my interest in making a set of colourful panchang knot key chains has originated.By having different colours of threads for the knots the different rooms can be identified, additionally a colour can also indicate the direction of the room, example-green for east and so on

Step 1: Rainbow Contest

Step 1:..........

Material required;............ various colour satin cord, coir board, pins, tweezers, beads, key ring split ring

Step 2:.......

satin cord is woven as in the figure 3, 4 & 5 (Warp & weft)

Step 3:.......

Remove the pins and tighten the cords as in fig 5a to achive the panchang knot as in fig 6

Step 4:......

attach the beads to the ends - fig 7

Step 5:.....

repeat all the steps with various colour cords



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