Picture of Colourful Zig-Zag Candle
I've made a few candles before but this is the first coloured one I've made... I saw a picture on pinterest of these tri-colour candles like this and I thought they looked fun to make :), although the instruction that were linked to the pinterest picture were not fantastic and didn't really work for me, so I kind of improvised and here are my instructions on how I did it!

You Will Need:
- 1 or 2 plastic tubs (take out containers)
- A colander
- A big pan
- Wax chips (or if you can't get wax chips, broken up tea lights work fine)
- A glass jar
- Crayons of the colour of your choice (two in each colour)

- 1 candle wick (can be bought from craft stores) 

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Step 1: Melting the wax

Picture of Melting the wax
I've found the best way of melting wax without getting burnt from the pan or the steam is to do it in a plastic container in a colander over a pan of boiling water.. this means you can lift up the container and pour the wax out without needing to use a tea towel. The amount of wax you'll need depends on the size of the jar you are using, I used a large handful of wax chip and 2 crayons broken up into pieces. 
Before you do the first layer, however, you will need to melt a small amount of uncoloured wax, and pour it over the metal base of the wick and let that set for 5 minutes or so. 

Step 2: Pouring the wax

Picture of Pouring the wax
Once the wax is fully melted (not like in the picture), set up your jar at the angle you want the colours to be at.. I placed my jar in a small bowl and that worked quite well. Pick up the container and carefully pour the wax into the jar, trying not to let the wax run down the side of the jar. 
mholcomb11 year ago
I like how you "steam" melted the wax in plastic containers. At 1st I wasn't sure how it was going to work without melting it,but to my amazement, you showed me how! Thank you :) Good tutorial.