This is my model of a Colt Python, AKA the .357 Magnum by Smith & Wesson. This was inspired by this Instructable, though I added many of my own details, such as the swing out cylinders. https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-357-Magnum-Prop/
Check out that link if you want to see how to make one!

yours is alot better then that one with instructions can u make your own on how u did yours
I made mine using his instructions lol... how would I post my own instructions if they are the same?
There is! Check my profile for the TEC DC 9.
I like everything about this except the use of corrugated cardboard.<br /> you just earned yourself another 5 starts XD&nbsp;. <br />
&nbsp;Yeah, I'm still looking for a way to change the look of the corrugations.&nbsp;
just put clay in it?
looks awesome like everything u do :)
&nbsp;Hmmmm..if I make this and that knife...all I kneed now is a papercraft pinstriped tuxedo, and a paper ski mask.
oh sweet!<br /> i tried to make one myself, turned out weird. :P<br /> 5*<br />
Make an MK. 23 SOCOM or AK-74sU model. If you do, I will worship you until the end of time... Nah just kidding, but still, that would be pretty sweet.<br />
Lol, I need to look up what they are xD Right now I am making a&nbsp; p90, and after that a Mossberg 560. So, I kinda got my hands full.<br />
Awesomesauce! Make the P90 first, the Mossber 560 sucks.<br />
Well yeah... It's not like many people listen to non-professional artists. Go to the Audio Portal at Newgrounds, THEN type the song/artist.<br />
Hey what happen? I post a comment couple days ago and its not here anymore.. but heres what I said : Very nice gun ! it look very realistic! and your zombie movie is also great! I like the way you are in fist person shooter! seriously, everything is very well done! ps. im am soon going to finish my mac 10!!
Sweet! Can't wait to see haha. I am almost done making a butterfly knife from paper :D<br />
you are? I made one too lol
Super awesome. I love the swing-out cylinder, and that wasn't a lame test film. I love your take on my instructable. I may Even Make a twin of my original w/ swing-out cylinder. Great Job!<br />
Oh, and I forgot, I left out the trigger in mine because i have an annoying habit of spinning things, and i thought it would be cool to spin the gun. 'Twas.<br />
Haha, nice. I think I will get started on my Mossberg now...<br />
Azalea by XennoxX.. I think it is from Newgrounds, but not sure.<br />
you really seem to like cardboard and guns so i guess you like these i presume?<br />
&quot;These&quot; is a pronoun that replaces a group of nouns. Please specify what the nouns are :P
if im under standing this the guns<br />
You understood :P<br /> Yes, I like these guns. I like guns. I like making things. I especially like making model guns.<br />

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