Colt Python / .357 Magnum Model





Introduction: Colt Python / .357 Magnum Model

This is my model of a Colt Python, AKA the .357 Magnum by Smith & Wesson. This was inspired by this Instructable, though I added many of my own details, such as the swing out cylinders.
Check out that link if you want to see how to make one!



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    yours is alot better then that one with instructions can u make your own on how u did yours

    I made mine using his instructions lol... how would I post my own instructions if they are the same?

    There is! Check my profile for the TEC DC 9.

    I like everything about this except the use of corrugated cardboard.
    you just earned yourself another 5 starts XD .

     Yeah, I'm still looking for a way to change the look of the corrugations. 

    just put clay in it?

    looks awesome like everything u do :)

     Hmmmm..if I make this and that knife...all I kneed now is a papercraft pinstriped tuxedo, and a paper ski mask.

    oh sweet!
    i tried to make one myself, turned out weird. :P

    Make an MK. 23 SOCOM or AK-74sU model. If you do, I will worship you until the end of time... Nah just kidding, but still, that would be pretty sweet.