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Introduction: Combat Rifle

Hi there,

This gun is partly based on some sniper rifles from Borderlands 2. The way the magazine is inserted mostly.
It is a model / non shooting gun, because I don't really like shooting guns.
It features all the standard non shooting guns stuff:
- Moving trigger
- Moving charging handle
- Removable magazines

Other than that, it has a rail for grips on the bottom, a red dot sight, pretty comfortable handle and a textured stock.
The latch on the back opens by pulling a blue rod, that's located above the trigger, backwards.
The magazines come up automatically, for easy removal.

Tell me what you think.



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    imma 'borrow' your idea for that folding grip :^)

    the red dot sight is really cool :D

    He's back and posting! Long time no see man! lol. anyway great model! I like how you did the foregrip as well.

    I built this mainly for the latch thingy, and people like the front grip, haha :p
    Anyway, yeah, it's been a while since my last post here. Glad you like it!

    Hey whats not to like? =D
    Anyway about that latch thing.... interesting I see something there.

    The latch mechanism itself is very simple, but might be useful in bullpup styled guns (even though those aren't that effective with k'nex).

    Yeah I get what you're saying. I see me using the latch in a break action or maybe a breach loaded gun. I know someone wanted to see my spin on break action, just haven't got around to it....

    That sounds pretty cool! I like break action guns, should build one myself sometime...