Step 6: Tools needed for the Initial 2BEIGH3 CNC section

Picture of Tools needed for the Initial 2BEIGH3 CNC section
Gather our tools and get organized!

Pipe wrenches
Taps as we are going to tap a few holes
¼ 20 and ¼ 28
The ¼ 28 will be used later for the 3D P but might as well get it now.
A tap Handle as we will hand tap three holes
We will use a hand drill to tap remaining holes.
Small Bench Drill press – nothing special, just a small bench drill press.  You may even be able to rent/borrow one as we won’t need it very often.  We will need this to drill the holes for the 3D Printer hot-end and will be drilling a ¼” hole 1” deep in aluminum.
Punch to mark holes to be drilled
Hand Drill – reversible and variable speed
Hardened Drill bits – ¼, 1/8, 7/32 and 9/64 - For all 1/4-20 threaded holes, drill at 7/32" and tap to 1/4-20
   There will be one hole on the hot-end that is drilled at 7/32, but tapped at 1/4-28.
Eye Protection - goggles
Ear Protection – ear covers or plugs
Hairnet if needed
Hack Saw or 28” bolt cutter
TIP: I quit cutting small metal pieces years ago and just use a bolt cutter.
Sandpaper – carbide for smoothing metal edges
Volt Meter/DVM – Harbor Freight has these for ~$5, however, for the 3D Printer, we’ll need one that measures temperature from a thermocouple.  Harbor Freight has those including the thermocouple for about $20.00
Taulman, you are a GREAT human being. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge on this. You've got MY vote, f'sure! Fantastic "ible!