Introduction: Combine Civil Protection Unit V2

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This is the updated version of my CP costume.

Heres a link to my stun baton V2:

Step 1: The Items

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Here are the items we will be using. this consists of: Blue pants (that have white stripes or stripes that you can sew on), A PMG gas mask (Bought at the link below), A white and black shirt,  a lands end vest, A pair of alpine design snow boots, glacier gloves, and a belt that fits you.

I also added a combine patch to the right sleeve.

Step 2:

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Heres the side view of the costume assembled.

Step 3:

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Hope you enjoy the costume! XD


fire bat (author)2010-11-20



LakeM (author)Myers Technology2015-10-12

I know where to get a voice changer to sound like a combine type in VOICE CHANGER 3 DIFFERENT EERIE VOICES LICENCED 9291 FUN WORLD

LakeM (author)LakeM2015-10-12

On ebay

dark man, you will suffar!

anelvik (author)fire bat2011-08-28

Frohman made a backflip over gordan freemant.

frost360 (author)2012-03-11

LOL its cơl (the mask)
this pic lơks better no offence
its from Crossfire the game

Mahmoud Alaa (author)frost3602012-07-06

i love cross fire game

iBrad99 (author)2011-05-19

"Pick up the can!"

Gamingfield (author)iBrad992011-08-14


Spycrab (author)2011-07-20


survivorwolf (author)2011-02-12

Now i will stand at a trash can with a pop can on it and when people walk by i will knock it over and say "pick it up" then if they throw it away i will shout ACHIEVEMENT: SUBMISSIVE

GasmaskBoy (author)2011-01-24

the most important thing is GASMASK.where did you get it?

Reptiliar (author)2010-11-28

This is AWSOME, I just got The Orange Box last week and Half-Life 2 has been my favorite part of it (Besides Portal) and this is exactly like a CP Unit!!! 5/5 Stars

craig3 (author)2010-11-07


Comrade24 (author)2010-10-28

I dont think the Gas Mask will come in on time :(

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