When you want to combine many documents into one single file then distribute it across platforms, a format which can contain different documents, such as .doc, .jpg, .XLS in a device independent from OS and applications will be felt. I think you will soon find the answer is PDF format. But how to combine multiple documents into one PDF in the first place, is a question.

Thus I want to introduce the most convenient way to combine files into one PDF is to use PDF creator.

You offer your diverse files and few clicks then it will export professional adobe PDF file varies from single page to multiple at your own will.

For example, you can combine the PPT report presentation with data spreadsheet into one easy to share PDF file. Or make a PDF file from images and Word formatted articles. All that and even more will be easily done with a PDF creator.

Follow the instructions to combine multiple documents into one PDF with PDF creator.

The very first step is to free download and install the PDF creator. Then run it to get the main interface.

Second step: Click "Add files" icon to import your files -any printable files. And you can adjust the sequence of the files in the list by clicking "move up/down", "top" and “bottom”. It will combine the files in the order from top to bottom.

Then specify the output folder path in your local disc. If necessary you can add password by security settings in the "Option".

Third stepBefore clicking "Create" button, find the "Document" in the navigation choose the "combine all" from the dropdown menu. Finally press "Create" button and you will combine files into one PDF.

Now you have got your PDF file of rich content, isn’t it so easy?
More possible combinations of documents are waiting for exploring by you with PDF creator.

Now that you have known how to combine multiple documents into one PDF, how about combine PDF files into one?

As the result of great compatible and portable, it’s not strange that mostly formats are changed to PDF format for archiving or sharing. Many times you will find the files scattered across your drive, and you really want to stop the clutter. Then combine PDF documents will help you a lot to make them manageable and accessible.

Keep reading ahead to know how to combine PDF files into one.

Actually you can realize it with a PDF creator installed as a virtual printer. The bonus tip will show you in following steps

1.Open all the desired PDF files.
2.For the first file, select File-> Print and choose PDF creator as printer then click print.
3.In the print dialog box, select Wait collates.
4.Open the second file and repeat precious actions until the last one.
5.The Print Monitor of PDF creator will display a list of all the files. Go to menu and finally select "Document Merge"

However, although you can combine PDF documents with PDF creator, you still wander if there is any way enables you to combine them with minimal effort as you have a slew of PDF files to go.

Hence you will need a PDF Merger which specializes in combining PDF files. It can automatically combine PDF files in flexible ways without limitations of amount and size.

The salient points of it:

Enable you to combine PDF files into one in these ways-
1.Merge multiple files into one or specific pages of them.
2.Combine desired pages of one PDF file-Odd, even and page range.
3.Combine all PDF files alternatively or divide it to (n) parts then mix alternatively in sequence or reverse page sort.

The detailed tutorial about  merge PDF files
Sometimes we need to merge several PDF files into one large file? How can we do this? It's never to be easier, if you use a powerful PDF Editing Software. You can easily merge PDF files into one with this useful tool. <br>More reading: <br>http://www.editpdfmac.com/guides/how-to-merge-pdf-files-easily.html
Also, there's a portable app for that. :) This is a one to one file creation so it won't compress the output PDF. So if you have 300MB of PDF's, the output file will be one giant 300MB PDF. <br> <br>http://portableapps.com/apps/office/pdftk_builder_portable
You should try <a href="http://www.jankowskimichal.pl/en/portfolio-item/pdf-combiner/" rel="nofollow">PDF Combiner</a>. It is totally free tool that can combine PDF files.<br> <br> Combining PDFs could not be easier.<br> <br> This software can combine protected PDF files also.
merge word, excel, images into one pdf : <a href="http://www.biclim.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.biclim.com</a>
In recent months we have been scanning manuals for household equipment we own, like appliances, electronics, tools, etc. Or, we have downloaded a manual in PDF from a manufacturer. Often there are notes I have made in a separate file and it would be nice to include those with the PDF file I get from my scanner. It sounds like this could be a big help in doing that. Thank you.
I am happy that you can find something do good to you.

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