Introducing the combine stun baton from half life 2!

Step 1: Fly Swatter

First, buy an electric fly swatter and cut off the swatter. then solder two wires to each of the wires sticking out of the handle but make sure not to touch both of the wires at the same time!

Step 2:

Next run the wires through a 17 inch pvc pipe, then attach the pvc pipe to the fly swatter with duct tape. after you have done that, strip the wires at the end and then run them through the top and spiral them down on each side but make sure each of the wires don't touch each other. then tape the wires in place with duct tape. You also can add a juice bottle for looks sand run the wires down that instead.
The skull badge is is the perfect touch for your baton, awesome.
It actually does shock people?! THAT'S AWESOME

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