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Introduction: Combustinator, Knex Solar Scorcher

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Well ever since I've seen the King of Random's videos about a Solar Scorcher he made out of knex, I knew I had to build one for myself. I found a rear projection tv on my way from school one day and that began project Combustinator. This is my second version which features a rail guided adjustible hight on the side supports. It also can be tilted 270 degrees and is very easy to transport around because of it's easy three part design. I am still working to improve the adjustible height feature and the supports around the magnify glass. I'm willing to give more pictures if anyone is intrested about how anything works on this. I must also say while I don't plan to post a step-by-step ible' that may change depending on the rules of the Rod and Connectors contest. I'm not sure they allow anything but knex and rubberbands... Anyway thanks for checking it out, please feel free to comment!




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    No, didn't feel that was necessary. Plus plastic fumes arn't good to inhale.

    I meant accidentally like a part fell off or something.

    Surprisingly no, when you make something potentially dangerous you do a lot of extra steps to prevent accidents from occurring. All the knex in this build were secured as tight as possible and when something would drop into the beam I had a giant piece of cardboard to throw on the lens, and a hose.... even though a plastic part wouldn't catch fire.... Anyway I didn't melt any accidentally, because I was very cautious when using it.

    Okay. What did you all use it for?

    Let's see.... I burned wood, cardboard, and paper mostly. Cardboard was fun because it seemed to spontaneously combust.

    Heck yeah!! Trust me if anything is underneath this this thing it's on fire.

    ok where's jb,
    rebuild it so we can burn jb, BUUUURN JB

    Well believe it or not, I still have this in one piece. Just not the legs..but they were not very good anyway so I'll try a different style next time I try to use it.

    What's the heat it can make? I've seen some produce 1000K+ (melts copper)

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    Not really sure yet. I'm to the point when paper products are instant fire, but I'm not to the burn wood instantly and melt things point yet. A little bit more work on the frame to keep it from flexing will probably help that.
    There's also been a lot of overcast so I haven't done too many tests

    Well this is my second attempt at the legs part, still not entirely happy with it so I may post this in the contest. It also doesen't use knex as it's main part so It would be a little strange in the contest

    You should try making a stirling engine or something, to use this to create energy. Solar panel!

    Oh my god, that's absolutely one of the coolest things I've ever... You should cook something with it; maybe like chicken or something, because I so want to see what happens. :3 You should definitely make a video.

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    Thanks! I actually am planning to video tape this. I want revise the legs, the adjustible hight thing doesen't hold up so well.

    Good luck with that, but I still don't think this project is a complete success until you can make dinner with it. :3