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Introduction: Comfortable Camp Stool

This instructable will teach you how yo weave a stool seat with twine. WARNING this is flammable do not let it get to close to a fire!

Step 1: Starting Off

This frame is made from 1/2 in dowel and boards that measure 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" by 1 1/2'. To make the process easy take a sharpie and mark the top dowels with 1,2,3,4. Then on dowel 1 tie an over hand knot (its the first part of tieing your shoe before you make the loop.).

Step 2: Doing the Weave

The weave is hard to do but if you marked your dowels you should be fine. You already have your string connected to dowel 1 so then you cross over to dowel 3. The next step is to bring the string under dowel 3&4 and bring it over so the string I looped over 3 and now is on 4. After you have that you cross over to dowel 2 and loop under it and 3. Next you cross over to dowel 1 and loop it around to dowel 2. Finally you cross it over to dowel 4. It should look like the first picture. Repeat that untill it looks like the last picture.



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    Thanks for the link it looks great and works.

    Sorry the pictures in step 2 are out of order. Switch the first and last pictures.

    Great looking camp stool Mark