Introduction: Comfortable Shoes: How to Make Shoe Insoles From Inner Tubes

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This instructable will show you how to make shoe insoles from tyre inner tubes.
Get the an old inner tube - available on some car tyres but more popular with trucks.
You will need some strong scissors (fish type) to cut this inner tube and shape it to the outline of your feet.
Here is a video of the results:

Step 1: The Problem

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The insole of my shoes usually get damaged after a few weeks and i found that the rubber insoles were more comfortable.

Step 2: Draw Your Foot

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Use a pen to draw your foot on a piece of paper

Step 3: Cut Foot Outline

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Cut foot outline with scissors

Step 4: Use Double-sided Tape

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Use double-sided tape and stick it on the paper foot outline

Step 5: Glue on Rubber Tube & Cut ...

Picture of Glue on Rubber Tube & Cut ...

Glue the paper foot outline on a piece of inner tube & cut outline with scissors.
After cutting the outline you need to peel off the paper.

Step 6: Results

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After cutting you will get a rubber insole that fits your shoe. I did it for all my shoes and they are comfortable.


bonzobuilder (author)2010-01-15

Instead of making patterns using a tracing of your foot, why not pull the old insoles out of your shoes to use as pattern? You end up with a new insole shaped exactly the same as the old one.

Except for one or two pairs, almost every pair of shoes I own have removable insoles.

Sm;)er (author)2007-09-29

I did something like this but I just cut the inner tube into to strips then duct tapped them to my insole. I will try this when mine wear out.

zjharva (author)2007-09-26

no way i'm working on an inner tube project too. watch for it soon. thats a cool idea.

advoo (author)zjharva2007-09-26

Thanks. I will certainly watch for it.

Juklop (author)2007-09-26

Would it fit in a duct tape shoe? :D

advoo (author)Juklop2007-09-26

That would be a nice idea: a homemade shoe that fits exactly your feet.

mattboy9993 (author)2007-09-26

Awesome idea... the only problem I can think of is what happens when you sweat? :S

advoo (author)mattboy99932007-09-26

You remove the rubber insole and wash it!

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