Introduction: Comfy Bedroll

I designed this bedroll for my husband, and it turned out to be so comfortable that I wanted one too.

My husband needed some sort of mat or cushion that he could stretch out on and read or use his computer, that could also be folded or rolled away when he wasn't using it.

I looked into camping mats for sleeping bags, inflatable and the rubber mat type. I know from experience those are not really all that comfortable, so I decided to take a few sheets of foam and a comforter and see what I could come up with.

All DIY projects are at your own risk. Be safe and have fun! :)

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Okay so all you will

need for this bedroll is:

1. Full-size comforter of your choice

2. 2 sheets of 1/2" Foam Mattress Pad, Cut to Fit Multiple Size Beds up to 60" x 70.

3. 1 sheet Twin sized 1.25" Convoluted Foam Topper

4. Iron on Hem tape (unless you love to sew, or are an expert sewing machine operator)

5. needle and thread

I already had everything but the foam. The foam sheets cost me $24 in total.

This design is really simple you can put any type of foam or really anything comfy and flat to make the bedroll thicker or firmer to your liking. I used the listed materials because they were the cheapest and still made a very comfortable bedroll. The final thickness for the foam is 3.25" plus the thickness of the comforter/quilt you use.

Step 2: Fold and Stack Your Foam Sheets

Lay the comforter out

as flat as you can get it

take the 1/2" sheets and either cut or fold them in half (lengthwise)

stack the folded/cut sheets on top of each other with the twin sized 1.25" thick piece on top

Then flip the whole stack over so the 1.25" thick piece is face-down on the comforter in the center like the photo

Note: the side with all the folds and hem tape will eventually be the bottom of the bedroll, the nice side that has no flaps or edges will be the side you lay on. (Like a Christmas Present)

Step 3: Fold One Edge on Top

Fold one edge of the comforter (shown in pink)

on top of the foam

Step 4: Add Hem Tape

Lay your hem tape on top of the folded side, I

used three strips the length of the foam

Step 5: Fold Other Side Over on Top of the Hem Tape

Fold the other side of

the comforter on top of the hem tape (should over lap covering all the hem tape)

Now I would recommend ironing the hem tape outside or in the garage, you have to heat the hem tape up pretty hot to get it to stick. Follow the instructions on the hem tape that you use.


If you got sewing skills sew the whole thing up and skip the whole hem tape and iron business :)

Step 6: Fold in the Ends

I took the ends like I was wrapping up a

Christmas present and folded the edges inward and then folded the flap over the comforter and then sewed up the edges. Seems to work pretty well and hasn't ripped open after a month of heavy use.

Step 7: Flip Over and Relax!

Flip the whole bedroll over and you are



Swansong (author)2017-02-21

It looks good :) We just got my nephew a futon and he's super excited about it too!

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