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Introduction: Comic Book Makeup

Hey momoluvers! It's momo and today I'll be making something interesting and new that I've never attempted before. This is a comic book character inspired look that is perfect for hollow wen or costume parties. This draws attention to you due to the realism and amazing details of it, but really, it's quite simple!

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Step 1: Supplies

1. White eyeliner pencil
2. Black liquid liner
3. Red lipstick
4. Foundation
5. Concealer
6. Bronzer

Step 2: Apply Your Makeup As Normal

Put on your foundation and blend evenly.

Apply concealer in an upside down triangle shape under your eye. First blend with your finger and then with your brush.

Fill in your eyebrows (a little darker than usual)

Sweep bronzer above your jawbone lightly from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth.

Apply black liner a little thicker than you usually would

Step 3: Dots!

(This is a crucial step because of not done right, the entire look will be messed up.)

Use the white eyeliner pencil to dab small circles all around your face. This should be random, meaning it's not done in rows or columns.

Step 4: Outline

Draw a small, smooth line along the jawbone on one side of your face.

Outline the inner corner of your ear as shown

Draw a crescent shape along the edge of your nose.

Draw a line down the middle of your nose from your eyebrows down to the tip of your nose.

Step 5: Lips

To get those legendary Wonder Woman lips, use a vivid red lipstick and coat the lips liberally.

Outline them with the black liner, making them rigid and defined

Step 6: Photoshoot!

Take photos with whatever expression you choose. Suggest using conflicted or cocky looks as Wonder Woman usually has an edgy feel about her.

To edit the photos, start off with a filter. Begin changing the highlights, shadows, contrast, color, warmth, etc. to make the photo darker and define the makeup.

I show several examples here of different filters you could use and different methods of editing.

Step 7: Finished!

It's that simple! I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial and if you haven't already subscribe become a member of the farm family and give a cow its wings. Love y'all •_£



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    Your makeup skills are very impressive! I'm going as a female Captain America for Halloween, and this is a must do! Quick question, please. What is the purpose of the concealer and foundation? I'm new to this whole makeup thing, and I was wondering if it is a necessary step. Thank you!

    i thought you used photo editing or camera tricks but that is AMAZING!!?

    First I thought you did some photo editing.. great job .. voted

    Hi Momoluv,
    It's Izzpup again. I just read your comment about my comment and now I have one more tiny thing to say.
    I didn't mean for my comments to sound like corrections. The look you created is adorable and very well done. If you use that as a Halloween costume, there will be no doubt who (or what? - cartoon character) you are. You successfully pulled off the look without driving yourself entirely crazy by trying to place dots in perfectly straight lines - on a surface that is anything but flat!
    As I said in my first comment, when I got my first job in printing (a weekly newspaper) I was completely blown away when I found out that all of the printed art I had seen, while seemingly smoothly "painted", completely covered with color sections, was really a bunch of dots of different sizes. I actually 'tested' lots of pictures and photos by enlarging them on the computer until - who'd a thunk it? - the dots appeared - every time!
    Then, when I found out that EVERY shade of EVERY color is, in printing anyway, made from just those 4 (CMYK) colors! Let's just say that I am apparently very easily fascinated!
    So, my comments were not intended as corrections. I was simply passing on something that had fascinated me, thinking that you, or someone else, might find it interesting too!

    super cool idea!! So creative! Would go amazing with a comic convention!

    Thank you so much! I sure hope so ;)

    Young lady, that's the coolest makeup instructable I've ever noticed and it's the only one I've ever commented on.

    That's a winner, IMHO. It's awesome.

    I understand fully what you both are trying to explain. I apologize sincerely if this made me sound pompous in any way, that is not how I was trying to come off. I appreciate the corrections but everyone has a different point of view and I am not saying yours is wrong, I just chose my own method. I know it may not be 'scientifically correct, but this is just a simple makeup look, and accurate or not, I believe it turned out alright. Thank you for you advice!