I am addicted to Notebooks. I ussally shell out around 10-15 dollars for a proper one. However, of late I have been, In a word, broke, and in order to continue my notebook obession I have resorted to making my own notebook loosely based off of the design of a Moleskine notebook. 

However! I have decided that My notebook will have an Ultracool Comicbook cover! 

PS: This is my first Instructable, any comments questions and/or suggestions would be welcomed. 

Step 1: The Prep

Things you will Need:

1. Card Stock, and Paper.
2. Cutting utensils - Sharp scissors and the Hobby Knife worked the best. 
3. Glue and Tape: Rubber Cement is good, and Duct and Cellophane tape are also good to have around.
4. (not pictured): Iron on vinyl - This stuff is essential for making the comic book cover. But you can make any other cover and attach it the same way. 
5. (not pictured) - an old comic with a cool spread you want as a cover. Natgeo or any other magazine with glossy paper will also work. 
6. A writing utensil
7. A needle and thread. - Minimal sewing required. 
8. A drill with a 1/16th bit. ( optional) but amazingly helpful. 

(PS: This is not a definitive list, feel free to experiment and use different things. Let me know what you find works best.)
pritty cool do you think you could make a comic book storage box<br>
Hmm...Do you mean a small one for art supplies...? If you send me a rough Diagram and possible measurements I can see what I can do. <br><br>I suppose I could cover anything in comicbook pages...XD.
i was wondering what kind of glue you use.can you use crazy glue or gorilla glue? i know some glues can eat through paper.so any advice would greatly be appreciated.thanx.
I used Rubber Cement. But go to your local craft store and ask them for a glue that will not eat through paper. :)
not bad.i use cereal box cover and cardboard from ups boxes for the back.and i also made a wallet from a comic book.
That would be very green! I will try that one the next one, my freind wants me to make another.

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