Step 2: The Cutting

The first step is to cut all those sheets of paper in half.  After your done take the uniform sheets and split them into piles of 4. 

You could get away with more but I find 4 works the best. 

Next you should take those sheets and fold them in half. 

Since I wanted to copy the Moleskine design I took a leaf out of an old notebook and cut the paper down to that size. 

What made the process easier and more uniform was after, I made the first set of 4 leaves, I used it as a guide to cut the rest. 
paper clips work Great for this.

PS: Take your time. Don't force the scissors or it will end up looking bleh. 

pritty cool do you think you could make a comic book storage box<br>
Hmm...Do you mean a small one for art supplies...? If you send me a rough Diagram and possible measurements I can see what I can do. <br><br>I suppose I could cover anything in comicbook pages...XD.
i was wondering what kind of glue you use.can you use crazy glue or gorilla glue? i know some glues can eat through paper.so any advice would greatly be appreciated.thanx.
I used Rubber Cement. But go to your local craft store and ask them for a glue that will not eat through paper. :)
not bad.i use cereal box cover and cardboard from ups boxes for the back.and i also made a wallet from a comic book.
That would be very green! I will try that one the next one, my freind wants me to make another.

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