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Introduction: Comic Book Shoes

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Here is a step by step guide on how to recycle some old shoes and comic books into something fantastic.

I have seen many variants of this project on the web, but thought I would share with you how I made mine.

I recently moved back to North America from Scotland, and as a parting gift to a good friend (who loves Iron Man and shoes) I made her these.

I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

Not much is needed for this project.

You'll need the following:

A pair of old shoes (I used ones made from patent leather) but you'll want to make sure they have a smooth surface for a good glue adhesion .

Some old comics or other pictures/prints you want to use (I used the older style of comics as the paper was easier to work with)


Craft knife

Mod Podge Glue (I used the outdoor type so that the shoes would be sealed and be able to used outdoors)


Steel wool and tape

Step 2: Get Cutting

You'll need to cut your comic(s) and separate them into two piles

One pile will have randomly cut sections with lots of color and vibrant images. These will be the base for your shoes.

The second pile will have more detailed cutouts that will be used to add at the end to make the shoes "pop"

Step 3: Start Gluing

Start gluing the pieces around the shoes with the Mod Podge. You can tape around the edges/heel if you want a clean edge, however I found if you cut the pieces to fit, you do not need the tape.

Step 4: Add You Highlight Pieces

Now add the accent pieces around the shoe (the sides and toe are great places for this) and trim any edges with your craft knife/scissors.

Add a couple coats of Mod Podge when finished (allow about 2 hours between coats for drying)

And that's it.

Step 5: Present to Your Friend

Now let the recipient enjoy all your hard work.

This was my first attempt at a project like this, and I found it very easy and rewarding and the final product was fantastic.

I hope you have enjoyed this Instructable and please comment and share.


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Im making these for a friend. But using photos not comics. I have thinner paper i can print too but would you suggest laser or ink jet printing....? :p

hmmmm. I used actual comics and they did not bleed at all, so ink jet may work fine (I would try a sample first)


These are great! If only I were a girl!

Oh my goodness......I am so inspired to wear heels again JUST because of this instructable! They are so awesome. <3 I have an aversion to cutting up books and comic books though, do you think a high quality photocopy of some of my favorite pages would work as well or do you recommend using actual comic book paper?

there are some pages for sale on etsy, single pages so you wouldnt be ruining anything enjoy!

Glad I was able to "get you back in heels". You could use regular paper, but it may we to stiff especially around bends. I purposely used damaged comics as I feel the same way about cutting them up. News paper comics would work, but if you want a particular theme, that could cause a problem. I have not looked into buying similar paper to that used in comics, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere on the web or craft shop. Let me know what you use and how they turn out. Cheers.

Hello! I just made these but when I tried them on and walked around in them, the comics wrinkled and ripped where the foot flexes. Any suggestions?

nice idea to put on shoes, i never think about put comic book on shoes, awesome, thanks