Comic Callout Door Sign





Introduction: Comic Callout Door Sign

Fun project that can easily be completed in less than a day, and the kids can join in for the painting.

Cut from a sheet of 4mm MDF, using a laser cutter. But you could do it with a scroll saw, jigsaw, or a fret saw and a lot of patience.

Painted with water based acrylic paint.

1:1 Illustrator cut guides attached below. Font used is Komika Axis, which can be downloaded freely from the internets.

Step 1: Cut All the Pieces

This sign was cut with a laser cutter.

Step 2: Paint It!

Painted with water based acrylic paint.

Since i laser cut this, I etched a guide for the outer black line, which was very helpful while painting.

Step 3: Glue It Together!

Glued together using wood glue.

Step 4: Stick It to the Door

I used removable doble sided tape.

And there you have it! A unique door sign that looks awesome.

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Sorry, but maybe you can upload another .ai version without the name? Because I don't know how to remove this part of letter


sure, I'll add it to the download.

Love the Dignan. Curious about the font. What did you use?


that's in the intro. :) it's Komika Axis

That's awesome! My friend is obsessed with Marvel and DC. Especially Batman. She can name any comic caracter and their back story. Maybe I'll do one for a birthday or something.

Blam! Pow! Sok!

To the Batmobile....!

Hmm, nostalgia :-)

This looks great - better than some dull painting on the wall...

I have already made plans for at least ten of these including one for my bedroom door, thanks.

This looks great! I'm going to print one for the office.