Introduction: Comic Book Page Paper Wallet

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Quick and easy cool project to make. All you need is a old comic book a piece of tape and scissors.
Has card slots and two cash slots, is light and takes up a lot less space. 

Step 1: Cutting to Size

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Start by tearing out a centre fold page or use any double page from a old comic book. The page should be the same size as an A4 page. So I traced an A4 page outline over the comic book page and cut around the outline.

Step 2: The Folding

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Place the page landscape and fold in half so have rectangle shape. 

Step 3: Refolding

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Unfold the page and fold the end of the page in half into the crease. Now do the same to the other side.and fold the whole page in half so you are left with a long rectangle. 

Step 4: And Fold Some More.

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Fold in half again this time from top to bottom.

Step 5: Cutting and Trimming

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Unfold the page again and you should be eight creased boxes. Place the paper vertically and cut into each crease on the left and right  2cm. Now fold the page closed from right to left and trim the ridge of the block at the bottom and cut a triangle in the the second block. I have added a picture to explain. cut along the red lines.

Step 6: Folding Flaps

Picture of Folding Flaps

Fold over the the top and middle end of the flaps you have just cut and a a piece of tape to the bottom middle of your page to keep the page strong.

Step 7: More Folding

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fold the page in half from right from top to bottom, the in half again.

Step 8: The Finishing

Picture of The Finishing

Fold in you the flaps on either side or tape them down and you are done!


Bsicker made it! (author)2015-12-24

Yes it can, I have now started to make then a little bigger than a4 I find that if you make them smaller cards don't fit inside any more. Think it would depend where you live as currency is a different size. I have also started to cover the page in contact paper before folding the wallet as they last a lot longer

dhernandez28 (author)2015-11-23

can it be any size of comic book page?

SUPER123KIANA (author)2015-04-15



tyzei (author)2012-07-21


dawg065 (author)2012-07-21

these are really fun to make.iv'e made one using the sundaypaper comics section.

toezar00 (author)2012-05-07



scoochmaroo (author)2012-04-17

Super fun! I love it!

Bsicker (author)scoochmaroo2012-04-20

Thanks You very much. still working on some improvements.

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