Turn your favorite comics into coasters!  I wanted to add something up-beat that would get people to smile to my living room without going overboard and coming off as tacky or cheesy, so I came up with this.  This project looks great and is super easy and low-cost, so there is no reason not to try it out!

Step 1: Getting supplies

Picture of Getting supplies
To start, you just need to choose the comic(s) you want to use.  You can get them from a comic book, newspaper, or print them from the internet.  I chose to print mine from the internet.

Also, you need to get 1 ceramic tile for each coaster you want to make.  I used 4.25" tiles I got for 16 cents each at my local hardware store.
For better water-proofing, I'd use Mod Podge Outdoor. It is made to hold up in humid conditions.
paigeel3 years ago
looks great :) i was wondering where you found your comics at online?
Looks really good! I'm wondering if I might make one using clear nail polish as the sealer. I have found modge podge too fragile to last for more than a short time. Seems you must have bought the "magic bottles" ;0) Thanks for posting
Jesswilde (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Mine are only used lightly in a very dry climate - maybe that's why they are holding up for me.

If you want something proven to be durable I might try spraying it with polyurethane spray.
Love the entire concept.
vishalapr4 years ago
These are amazing, rated 5*!Well done!!!
Sage72124 years ago
This is such a fun idea. I love it. I have one question, I live in a humid area. Any idea how Mod Podge would hold up against sweat from the glasses? Thanks for the craft idea.
Jesswilde (author)  Sage72124 years ago
The MOd Podge makes it waterproof but I don't live in a humid area so if the comics are of great value I may test it first. Mine hold up great even when a little wet.
I didn't realize Mod Podge would make it waterproof. I will definitely use copies and not originals though, just in case. Thanks for the reply.
i know a few XKCD comics that would be perfect for this. and by a few, i mean ALL
splazem4 years ago
Very cool!
twturley474 years ago
Outstanding idea! First rate instructable.
very cool idea!
ChrysN4 years ago
Great idea!
mary candy4 years ago
wauu how cool !