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Introduction: Comics Storage Unit

I built this Comics unit using a bookshelf I bought for $30 at a bargain basement and an old entertainment unit. I used timber to reinforce the back of the bookshelf and then bolted it to the entertainment unit. some simple repositioning of the shelves, some title dividers and a bit of decoration and you have a comics unit. I've been thinking about replacing the entertainment unit with a custom built shelf, and I'll post a step by step instructable when I do.



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    I have always been dumping my valuable treasures in one huge box and let it sit for decades either under the bed or up in the attic. However, currently I am trying to prepare my artwork storage and this comics organizer seems like a suitable idea for me to build for my canvas paintings.

    Whoa. That's a sweet set-up. Excellent work. I'll be on the lookout for the upcoming step by step.