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Introduction: Command and Conquer Knex Units!

About: This part used to be full of crap but I finally deleted all of it. I'm Tigernod. I'm a student from North Brabant. You are all awesome and I love you. <3

This instructable includes some of the coolest C&C units from Tiberium Sun and Tiberium Wars, and in the near future, it will also contain one unit from Red Alert 3. This Ible currently includes the Orca Fighter and the Banshee, and in the distant future it will contain the the Titan, the Stealth Tank, the Predator MBT, the Scorpion light tank Wolverine. Mammoth Mk II, Attack bike, Vertigo, Raider Buggy, and Twinblade coming soon. Juggernaut can be found here: .

If you have any other units you would like to see in knex, please comment.

PS: Units are not on scale. So don't come to me crying that the Titan is way to small compared to the scorp; I didn't make them on scale and I won't do so in the near future.

Step 1: Orca Fighter

The fast and manouvreble orca fighter can defend allies like the Orca Bomber or Orca Dropship against banshee attacks or put a serious dent in nod's light armour divisions. It is vunurable from anti-air fire however. Here is how to make it. Just follow the picures and the descriptions and you'll be fine.

1 make
2 add
3 add white rods. Look closely to where you need to attach it.
4 another view. Connect the two.
5 make
6 connect. Finished.

Step 2: Banshee

The brotherhood of nod prefers speed and firepower above protection. The fast Banshee makes up for this with having low armour but good manouvrebility and tiberium based weapons. It is rumored that this technology is stolen from aliens.

Just make it alredy, this one doesn't need any steps.

Step 3: Titan

---UPDATE: Due to my computer crashing I have no more instructions about the other units. I will fix this ASAP. Meanwhile, build the other units!---



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    Aww those are cute.

    I made some unit go to me and you cam make them they are simple can use different part o be different

    Apologies for the late reply. I probably can, but risk figures have to be really small to fit on the board and thus it would be limited to two-piece units. Besides that, do you mean like Risk people from the old days (the triangles and squares and stars) or the new ones (miniature soldiers with muskets, horsers, or artillery)?

    could you make the instructions for the other ones

    1 reply

    Maybe I could, I am not sure. Can you try building it from the pictures first? If that does not succeed, I'll try to post instructions.

    could you post the mammoth (you said it will come in distant future

    3 replies

    I'm afraid not, my friend. Although if you really want to I could try to come up with something... Do you really want the Mammoth built in Knex?

    Don't do it just for me, I hoped you might have built it

    Oh, well, my apologies. I just do not have enough time, I'm afraid.

    This gives me an idea! We could make a knex board game, and we make tanks and soldiers and planes and whatever, and then play with them like chess!

    6 replies

    ...That's a great idea actually! Brilliant! Man, that'd be so much fun.

    I'd say go ahead and make one. Unless you want to do it together with me. If so, PM me.

    Sorry for my late reply. I am very busy right now with my latest Knex gun, but maybe I could still help you.

    id help, if it is not done already

    Really? Awesome. Do you have a link?

    you forgot one thing:kettle.