Picture of Commander Shepard Steel Reinforced Uniform - Mass Effect 3
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Hi All,

This is my second year making an "epic" Halloween costume. I started work on September 21st 2012 and finished on October 30th. 

I based my costume on a uniform from popular video game Mass Effect. It specifically reflects Commander Shepard's non-combat uniform used by default in the opening mission of Mass Effect 3.

That said, I had a few design goals this year which predominantly focused on functionality and robustness. This lead me to select steel reinforced heavy denim, for the armour, finished with a leather-like laminate fabric. 

The uniform is 7 pieces: Boots, Pants, Under-shirt, Dress Shirt, Lower-Body Armour, Upper-Body Armour, and Belt.
Out of all this, only the Boots are store bought along with under-shirt (a t-shirt) which I altered to make the Turtle-neck. 

For my tutorial, Step 1 contains a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a fabric-sheet metal armour construction. This was my secrete ingredient for this project. If you continue to steps 2 - 8, I give a quick overview for each piece of my uniform.

I hope you can find this information useful in your future construction endeavours!

Best Regards


Step 2: Boots

Picture of Boots
Material: All Man-Made Materials
Colour: Black
Special Features: Store-bought
Steel Plating: NA
Skills Req: internet shopping

Step 3: Under Shirt

Picture of Under Shirt
Under Shirt
Material: cotton t-shirt + nit cotton turtle-neck
Colour: black
Special Features: t-shirt was bought and altered to remove stock neck finishing. Turtle-neck is a three layers construction with an elastic running through. Two buttons that attach to the Dress Shirt collar to keep it standing and rigid.
Steel Plating: NA
Skills Req: sewing

Step 4: Dress Pants

Picture of Dress Pants
Dress Pants
Material: light denim + cotton bias
Colour: Blueish
Special Features: Waist elastic. Zipper. Foot loops.
Steel Plating: NA
Skills Req: sewing

Step 5: Dress Shirt

Picture of Dress Shirt
Dress Shirt
Material: light denim + cotton bias + interfacing (5%)
Colour: Blueish
Special Features: Button straps on sleeves to hold when rolled up. Plastic reinforced collar for rigidity. 
Steel Plating: NA
Skills Req: sewing

Step 6: Lower-Body Armour

Picture of Lower-Body Armour
Lower-Body Armour
Material: Heavy denim + Leather-Laminate + Steel
Colour: blueish and black
Special Features: 4 extruding pockets. Steel plates under lower pockets.
Steel Plating: 20%
Skills Req: sewing, sheet metal work

Step 7: Upper-Body Armour

Picture of Upper-Body Armour
06b-Upper Body Armour.JPG
Upper-Body Armour
Material: Heavy denim + Leather-Laminate + Steel
Colour: blueish and black and yellow emblem
Special Features: 100% steel plated. 2nd layer of steel plates over chest.heart area (see tutorial in "Step 1 - Slide 19"). Armour divided into thirds to allow bending. 
Steel Plating: 100% + 15% over chest.
Skills Req: sewing, sheet metal work

Step 8: Belt

Picture of Belt
Material: Heavy denim + Leather-Laminate + Steel
Colour: blueish and black
Special Features: Steel plates supporting central clips
Steel Plating: 20%
Skills Req: sewing, sheet metal work
Garrus2 years ago
Best Shepard suit I've seen but what do I know I spend most of my time doing calibrations.
Cmdr. Vik (author)  Garrus2 years ago
lol. Thanks!
ayliepx2 years ago
Dude, awesome suit!
Do you plan on writing a complete tutorial in the future?
Cmdr. Vik (author)  ayliepx2 years ago
Maybe. The problem is that I didn't take pictures throughout the project. It would be a written walk-through with some of my poor sketches for visual support :P
The Rambler2 years ago
Woah, this is super cool. I can't believe I missed seeing this in the contest.

Have you found those boots to be a worthwhile purchase? I'm looking for boots that I can modify and it's always hard buying things like that off the internet.
Cmdr. Vik (author)  The Rambler2 years ago
Hey, thanks.

I think the boots are great value for the price. I got them at "medievalcollectibles.com". Though I made sure to contact them first about the diameter of the calf and the exact foot size. The only other thing was that the default sole is a bit rigid, but I'm sure it can be switch out with something more comfortable.
Tomdf2 years ago
Great costume and documentation. Thumbs up!
nhormell2 years ago
dude this is amazing you should take it to comicon
Cmdr. Vik (author)  nhormell2 years ago
Thanks! Comicons are the plan! I just need to wait patiently for the next one in my area..
Great work! 4 koala thumbs up!
MonkiMan2 years ago
Just amazing! I am incredibly jealous!
Fantastic work. :D
Miss_Kira2 years ago