Step 7: Upper-Body Armour

Upper-Body Armour
Material: Heavy denim + Leather-Laminate + Steel
Colour: blueish and black and yellow emblem
Special Features: 100% steel plated. 2nd layer of steel plates over chest.heart area (see tutorial in "Step 1 - Slide 19"). Armour divided into thirds to allow bending. 
Steel Plating: 100% + 15% over chest.
Skills Req: sewing, sheet metal work
Most important question: How much would it cost for you to make one for me?? ??
Best Shepard suit I've seen but what do I know I spend most of my time doing calibrations.
lol. Thanks!
Dude, awesome suit! <br>Do you plan on writing a complete tutorial in the future?
Maybe. The problem is that I didn't take pictures throughout the project. It would be a written walk-through with some of my poor sketches for visual support :P
Woah, this is super cool. I can't believe I missed seeing this in the contest. <br> <br>Have you found those boots to be a worthwhile purchase? I'm looking for boots that I can modify and it's always hard buying things like that off the internet.
Hey, thanks. <br> <br>I think the boots are great value for the price. I got them at &quot;medievalcollectibles.com&quot;. Though I made sure to contact them first about the diameter of the calf and the exact foot size. The only other thing was that the default sole is a bit rigid, but I'm sure it can be switch out with something more comfortable.
Great costume and documentation. Thumbs up!
dude this is amazing you should take it to comicon
Thanks! Comicons are the plan! I just need to wait patiently for the next one in my area..
Great work! 4 koala thumbs up!
Just amazing! I am incredibly jealous!
Fantastic work. :D

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