This is my version of a Dillon minigun, it weighs 4.4lbs and has 4 rotating barrels which are connected to a controllable motor for clockwise or anticlockwise rotation, it also has a front carry handle which offers good grip for the user.

My minigun is still in development as it doesn't have the capability to fire and knex or rubber band i am hoping to get it firing knex soon, as their are not many chain fed knex guns on here :)

Leave a comment of what you think at the moment and leave some tips to help me get it firing.

thank you.
LOVE IT!!!!!!
Very kewl man! Don't worry about not receiving a bunch of hype. You obviously worked very hard on this and you don't deserve to feel bad about jealous people not posting comments :p
is it finnished yet? sub if it is and i will sub back
It didn't really receive much hype or anything thought people didn't want it so i didn't upload how to make it sorry :L
ok :[
If i get more people asking for it, ill publish a how to, im focusing on making prop weapons now out of wood and metal :) so will do some of them if you want
please post
but very nice design !!<br>
I have problems with my pictures, but I want to show u some guns, also a minigun where the barrels aren't fake at all.<br><br>range: &gt; 30 feet<br>firing: &gt; 2 shots / sec.<br>mag: 4 - 8 bullets ( easy to create a bigger mag on it :) )<br><br>quz the barrels are so long ( almost 1 f ) the bullet will be fired more precisely, another advantage is that u can choose the bullets, even up to 4 green tubes can be fired at once :D.<br><br>so plz post me how I can put some nice pics on this :o<br>
Mini-er version of Ironman's I think. Shame it doesn't fire. Check out my versions. One is an 'Ible, the other is a forum topic.
i like your design as it fires, but it seems very cumbersome to me, does your minigun fire through the barrels or is it a fake barrel?
Maybe if you looked properly, you'd know. You spelt 'coming' wrong in the title.
Thank you, but you never answered my question about the barrels on your minigun
looks great!
Thank you :)
no prob!

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