Picture of Community Collage Project
Create a beautiful work of art made by you, your friends and family.

There are nine 12" x 12" panels in which every individual will have to creatively collage. The panels will make up a larger image by using light and dark patterns. The pattern I will be showing you is a ring pattern but you can make whatever pattern you would like.

Step 1: Supplies


9 cardboard or wood panels (12" x 12" each)
Lots of magazines or other collaging materials

suayres2 years ago
That's just beautiful--and that it's a family (family you were born to, and family you chose....and the family members which fall in both categories, best of all) makes it so much more, well, special. Lovely. Thank you.
Lizziefrog2 years ago
I love this idea. Thanks for sharing it.