Commuter Coffee - Cure the Ride-in Blues.





Introduction: Commuter Coffee - Cure the Ride-in Blues.

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Many moons ago, I worked over sixty miles from home, through heavy urban traffic. Before we moved closer to work, I only saw daylight in my home town on a Sunday.

This recipe brought the world back into focus very quickly once I got to my desk.

(Confession - I didn't think you would want to see photos of my car's footwell - the images I have used are just stock photos).

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment.

You need a decent ground coffee - I liked a dark-roasted arabica bean - a nutmeg, a fine grater and a decent "Thermos" type flask. I use a stainless-steel flask as it is much more likely to survive an hour or two rolling around the footwell of my car.

You can buy ground nutmeg if you want, but it loses its flavour a lot more quickly than a whole nutmeg.

I would use whole beans and grind my own, but there isn't a decent whole bean available within thirty miles of me. I blame Starbucks.

Step 2: Making the Coffee.

Pre-warm your flask. Pour in half a cup of hot water, put the lid on, slosh it around and pour it out.

Put four dessert spoons of your coffee in the flask, and add a generous pinch of freshly-ground nutmeg.

Top up with freshly-boiled water, put the lid on and put the flask safely in your car.

Safety note: doses of nutmeg of between 1-4 teaspoons cause hallucinations, visual distortions and euphoria. Doses larger than this can potentially induce convulsions, palpitations, nausea, eventual dehydration, and generalized body pain.

Step 3: Drink!

After a two-hour commute, jogged around by the start-stop of your car, the beans will be completely water-logged and have sunk to the bottom of the flask.

Allow a couple of minutes for the solids to settle (just enough time to remember where you left your coffee mug) and then gently pour it out - no need to filter.

Don't you dare pollute this drink with milk or sugar!

A few good slugs of this will set even a hung-over rhino up for the day, then welcome to the happy, jittery world of caffeine addiction.



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    perhaps one could put all this in a coffee filter, clip it shut with something, then add it to the thermos with the water. it would allow the coffee to make itself in the thermos while you drove. assuming you used very hot water, it would be up to full potency in only several minutes, and you wouldn't have to bother with picking the coffee grounds out of your teeth.

    Hm. 'Pollute' isn't the word I'd use. Just an idea - just in case the grounds/nutmeg get stirred up somehow simply using a coffee strainer at the point of stirring would save you drinking your coffee turkish style. One of these days I'm going to stop just making comments and publish my own instructable.

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    Drinking the joe with the grinds floating around will make one poop.

    1 reply

    By the time you drink it, the grounds have become water-logged and sink. Just be careful pouring the coffee out.

    Yet another great instructable Kiteman. Where will I be able to buy whole nutmeg? The powdered stuff still causes a nice "wooohoooo" feeling, but i need more! I personally don't like the taste of coffee, so i mixed up the recipe using your ideas.
    1. I made a "Nutmeg tea" out of boiled water with lots of nutmeg in it.
    2. i added the tea to hot chocolate powder.
    3. I added crushed up NoDoz pills to the mix to give it a buzz. i used 200mg.

    Needless to say, i was stumbling around the room for a little while. =D

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    That sort of mixture has led to several deaths in the UK, with people too wired to notice that they're drunk and doing stupid stuff.

    it was about 50 ml of whiskey and about a can of energy drink (33 centilitre) so i don't think it would be very bad, and even if it would be, i'm still alive :P

    Cent= hundred
    centi= hundredth
    Litre=1 kg of liquid
    milli= thousandth
    Milli litre = thousandth of a litre
    Centi Litre= Hundreth of a litre.

    Get it?

    Link i know it redirects to litre, but you'll most likely find out what it is there :) also, where are you from? never hearing about a centilitre? unless yuor under age of 12 thats pretty unusual IMO

    About the only people I know of who use centilitres are wine-makers. It's not an ISO unit, and not generally taught in schools.

    Anybody have any idea where I can get NoDoz or similar pills in the UK?