Como Comentar?


Introduction: Como Comentar?

Você concorda com o que foi escrito nesse post? Tem algo a acrescentar? Alguma outra fonte de pesquisa?
Você não concorda? Tem outro ponto de vista?
Ou ainda...
Já usou esse recurso? Gostou? Gostaria de divulgar o trabalho?
Comente! Vamos aprender juntos! É muito fácil escrever comentários em um blog: veja um passo-a-passo!

Step 1: Iniciando...

Step 2: Escrevendo...

Uma nova janela se abre no seu computador...

Step 3: Identidade (1)

Se você tem uma conta no Google ou no Blogger:
- escolha a primeira opção e preencha os dados de login e senha!

Step 4: Identidade (2)

Você também pode escolher a 2ª opção: "Outro"
Nesse caso basta preencher o campo "nome" e se tiver, o endereço de seu site, blog, email, fotolog...

Step 5: Visualizando...

Você pode ver/ reler como ficará o seu comentário depois de publicado!
Basta clicar em "Visualizar".
Se não achar necessário, passe para o passo seguinte.

Step 6: Publicando...

Clique em "Publicar"!



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    I have no problem with anyone who speaks a different language; however, i have some questions. First of if these children are "poor" how could they have access to a computer? Second, I believe we all live on the same planet, but as I am sure you know, we don't live in the same country. How can you expect to write a How-to on a predominately English website and not expect to get an complaints about your language format? Like I said i have nothing against you and these comments are just thoughtful. Thanks for reading.

    Hi there! I'm a Brazilian teacher of educational computer science. I'm not a "guy", but a 50 years old woman! I understand a little bit of English, enough to know that mine instructlabe is considered not appropriate by some. I do not write in English and therefore I am using google translator and my daughter's help to translate this commentary. People who read my blog are mostly Brazilian and Portuguese teachers, some of them do not understand English!! So, to them, it would be helpless to read this instructable in any other language but Portuguese! For those who consider that a step-by-step must be written ONLY in english: have you ever thought about how my "como comentar" ("how to post a comment") might be helping to teach poor children and with little access to information? Which planet are you living at????? Have you ever heard about Pierre Lévy and Manoel Castells books??? Bet you haven't! I think the web and its sites should not be restricted by language!!! This is the first time I see something like this happening on the web!! It's prejudice!

    I'm portuguese but i have to agree with those whom didn't like this instructable. The disrespect for common rules, written or not, as damaged several communities, like orkut and alike. Please respect the majority of users and post in the proper language or at least do a two language instructable. to acaz93: MacDonalds slogan is not what you said nor is that portuguese... so, you too don't seem to catch the diference between spanish and portuguese. as a last note: please note the differences between PT-PT and PT-BR. Brazilian portuguese is very different from European Portuguese.

    Ok, as far as I know, 99% of the instructables on this website are in english, so it would stand to reason that most people using this website use english as their first language. If you can read english, you can most likely write in english. I cannot read Japanese, so therefore I do not use Japanese websites. I'm kinda confused as to how this guy found, found out what kind of site it is, and got interested in it enough to actualy post instructions. All without speaking/reading/writing english. Yes I am making some assumptions here (like the fact that this poster cannot speak english). But if he could, why wouldn't he post in english? I'm not being a bigot or anything, I fully support everyone's right to post in whatever the heck language you want, I'm just confused.

    3 replies

    At some point, I'd like to do localization, so the author can set what language their Instructable was written in. We could then run it it through automatic translation tools and present it to you in your preferred language. With good pictures, I'd bet you be able to understand most of the non-English Instructables.

    Instructables at its core is about ideas, which are universal. The only thing that separates those thinking ideas is the language in which they communicate them :) I've come instructables many of times in Google searching by "mistake" :P I think it's safe to say that this could easily have been done in another language :)

    I'm just guessing here, but I think Instructables is getting an overseas fan following. This individual is probably posting this instructable for his fellow Portugese (and he's the only one that knows english) so they can use the site and share ideas with each other. That's my 2 cent, conspiracy theorist, idea.

    I don't Understand the Confusion Of Spanish And Portuguesse
    They are Really Diferent Lenguages look At This
    The Mcdonald's Slogan Is "i'm lovin it"
    In Spanish Is " Me Encanta"
    And In portuguese is "me Encanta Tudo Esso"
    The Difference is obious and remeber one thing the English is not the only lenguage in the world Have A nice Weekend

    2 replies

    When you don't know what the language is -- its easy to be confused ;) Like this for example: 한국어/조선말 v. 北方话/北方話 Can you identify the difference between those? When you have the same or similar character set - its easy to be confused. English is not the only language - but it is one of many languages that use the Latin character set (unlike the above two languages: Korean v. Mandarin.

    "한국어/조선말 v. 北方话/北方話" Yes, the one on the left is made up mostly of question marks :P I guess this site doesn't support their language characters...

    All I was able to get out of this using altavista (on the intro) is: "Like commenting? Você concorda com or that foi written nesse post? Tem something to acrescentar? Alguma outra fonte of search? Ou... Você não concorda? Tem outro ponto of Vista? Ou ainda... Já usou esse resource? Gostou? Gostaria to disclose or trabalho? Comment! We go to learn together! Muito É easy to escrever comentários command post um blog: veja um passo-a-passo!" I now wish I had taken more then two years of spanish.... Doesn't help that I've forgotten most of it. Anyone know spanish and is able to translate at least the intro?

    5 replies

    That's because it's Portugese. Here's what Babelfish gave me: How to comment? You agree to what post was written in this? He has something to add? Some another source of research? Or... You do not agree? He has another point of view? Or still... Already he used this resource? He liked? He would like to divulge the work? He comments! We go to learn together! Blog is very easy to write commentaries in one: it sees pass-the-I pass!

    4 years of Spanish would not have helped you either. It's Portugese. (Altavista BabelFish)Rough translation of the intro: You agree to what post was written in this? He has something to add? Some another source of research? Or... You do not agree? He has another point of view? Or still... Already he used this resource? He liked? He would like to divulge the work? He comments! We go to learn together! Blog is very easy to write commentaries in one: it sees pass-the-I pass!

    Having run the rest through, it's exactly what you'd guess from the pictures: a Portuguese-language guide to publishing Blogger comments. The poster describes herself as a Brazilian interested in education.