Introduction: Comp-ible

Have you ever gotten a random error such as "Error:Mycomputer/WINDOWS/system32/irt4.fdi"? Well this Instructable will help you fix this along with other problems by one simple solution and its called Comp-ible and it stands for Computer Instructable so you can be capable on how to fix your computer.

Step 1: Flash Buddy

The first thing you need is a flash drive that has at least 3 GB. You also need a friend who has a computer that runs the same operating system as your "broken" computer does. Once you have all this, feel somewhat accomplished and move on to step 2.

Step 2: Copy the Healthy

Insert your flash drive into your friends "healthy" computer. Open up "My Computer" and then "Local Disk". Disregard the warning and go into "Local Disk".

Step 3: For a Good Cause

Once you are in "Local Disk" on your friends computer. Right click on "WINDOWS" and a window will pop up the bottom left of the cursor and select "Copy".

Step 4: Because Your Computer Needs It

Now go to your Flash Drive and right click and another window same as before will pop up. This time select "Paste". Now to copy this will take at least 5-30 minutes unless you are using a firewire. Now you have a copy of "WINDOWS" and make sure it is named EXACTLY that.

Step 5: Replace the Sick and the Old

Safely remove the Flash Drive from your friends computer and insert it into your computer. Follow Step 1 again.

Step 6: Success

Now open up your Flash Drive and right click "WINDOWS" as it should have been properly named, then select "Copy". Open up the "Local Disk" window again and right click and select "Paste". Click "Continue" or "Overwrite" when it warns you that you already have a file with that name and your done.

Step 7: Conclusion and Explanation

Sometimes your computer gets files deleted or altered by simple accident. The majority of these files are in "WINDOWS". What this Instructable is telling you to do is replace that old "WINDOWS" that has a defective file in it with a working one. You can be even more specific and replace the single file that is causing the error and it can be found simply.

In "error:mycomputer/localdisk/WINDOWS/system32/chapter.dlf" it is saying in the file "system32" which is in "WINDOWS" which is in "Local Disk" which is in "My Computer" has a defective file in it. You follow the steps just replace this one file.

This whole process won't solve all computer problems but it can solve a good chunk.



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    You should only overwrite the files that are corrupted. Registry files will be overwritten if you'll do this (resides in C:\Windows/System32/config), which means all the settings, drivers, viruses, product keys, licenses, etc. of your friend will be copied. Those product keys, when copied, means pirating. Its impossible that 2 computers will have the same C:\WINDOWS folder, even if you they have the same model. Hard drive partitions have serial numbers which Windows uses for your copy to be validated, but overwriting the registry will overwrite this. Then they will no longer match. You won't be sure if your friend's computer don't have viruses, even antiviruses might not be able to detect some. Dynamic Libraries (*.dll) have different versions, overwriting them with a different version can cause a DLL hell. Before overwriting DLL files, check the version, you may also download it from the internet if they are not in the Windows CD. Still, the best way is to have a backup, the repair option in the Windows CD might overwrite the registry, which means all programs not included with Windows needs to be reinstall.

    Okay. Here is the problem: How can you start your computer without the files? You can't expect it just to pop-up somewhere.

    Warcraft! D-: Joking... Nice and straight forward 'ible!

    I always have a copy of the entire WinXP disk on a separate harddrive incase Windows asks for drivers. (Too lazy to bring out the actual disk). Next time I'm doing a complete reinstallation I'll copy the Windows folder there aswell. I assume you need to disable the file copy protection system for this to work?

    the windows install is tied to each motherboard.

    anyway, my main box is a netbook, so I keep a disk image (made using dd) on a separate 16GB flash drive which I keep by my desk

    I have never run into a copy protection.

    or use linux. downloading all the crap in sight on limewire won't have an effect :D

    What virtual drives do you use? I use Virtual Clone Drive.

    the mount command (linux)