Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
The design:
I started out measuring the original Emco steady and transferring the measures to my sketchup drawing. I wanted a 20mm wide outer ring to provide the desired stability. And all parts should fit on the stock materials I already have.
I decided to use some leftover 10*100mm material 6060 aluminum, this is a nice tensile strength  easy machinable material.
I also had some 10*10mm tool steel stock leftover. So all parts are designed to do with these materials.

I used sketchup only for the basic design. I have found that Sketchup is a very nice program for when you want to draw some thing quickly, see how it looks, make quick changes, fit parts together etc. But if you are using any wierd measures and high accuracies sketchup length snaps and leaves you with inacurate drawings no good for exporting. By wierd measures I mean figures in the 0.001mm range, it does 1.000mm just fine but 4,376 not so much.

So after finishing the design insketchup I redrew it in my CAM program
Assigned mill paths to the different operations and exported the G-code files