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I was looking at some of the cardboard that was left over from a dining set, and I had a sudden, awesome idea. It was Bruce Lee punch to the face awesome! Make a portable, compact art case!  And so, 13 hours, a lot of cardboard, a little duct tape and rubber cement, and lots of spray adhesive later, and I created it!  Behold!


Truehart (author)2011-05-26

Now, answer this: How do you get your protractor/scissors/pen (I think that's a pen next to the scissors) out? I would probably add small thumb notches next to each one. And I just realized the scissors don't look like they have any cardboard blocking their holes, so they're probably fine. Otherwise, great art case.

eulaliaaaa! (author)Truehart2011-05-26

Okay. The pen stuck out of the slot somewhat, making it easy to pull out, yet hard to fall out. And I did add some thumb notches to the protractor. Thanks for your comments.

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