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Ever had fingers in your pictures? Ever dropped your precious camera? This grip will hopefully eliminate that. 

Step 1: Parts You Will Need.

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 Mini tripod with ball head, EVA Ball (mine is from a car antenna ball). Dismantle the ball head from the tripod. 

Step 2:

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 Use a sharp pointed knife and make a hole in the EVA ball. Don't make it too big as the EVA stretches. You want that. The hole should be 1/2 the size of the ball head. (pictured is my prototype, bit rough on the edges)

Step 3:

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 After the hole is made.. Put some glue in the hole of the EVA. I didn't because Eva is kinda grippy. And if you made the hole just right it would just fit and grip the ball head just fine.

Step 4:

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Half way there.

Step 5:

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 Balled in....

Step 6:

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 Attached it to your camera. and have fun.

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Lftndbt (author)2009-10-14

Interesting concept. On another note, you just gave me an awesome idea. Thanks. 

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