Introduction: Compact Home Automation Module Based on Android , Bluetooth and Arduino !

Picture of Compact Home Automation Module Based on Android , Bluetooth and Arduino !

This Instructable is to show how to build a compact Home automation module using cheap Components like Arduino uno, Relay module , Bluetooth module and which can be operated using Android phone !

Don't worry it takes less than 15min to Build this awesome Module !!

so let's get Starred...!!

Step 1: Things You Need !!

Picture of Things You Need !!

*1) Arduino uno
*2) 2ch / 4ch / 8 channel Relay module
*3) Hc 05 Bluetooth module
*4) you can use any android app ,but here I am using
ArduDroid app !!

*5) few Jumpers
*6) Spacers (optional)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram !!

Picture of Circuit Diagram !!

Hc 05 to Arduino

Arduino TX to RX of Bluetooth
Arduino RX to TX of Bluetooth
Arduino 5v to VCC of Bluetooth
Arduino Gnd to Gnd of Bluetooth

Relay to Arduino

Arduino 5v to Relay VCC
Arduino Gnd to Relay Gnd

Arduino 13 to Relay IN1
Arduino 12 to Relay IN2
Arduino 11 to Relay IN3
Arduino 10 to Relay IN4

Step 3: Programming Arduino !

Download This code !!
follow this steps

1)Open Arduino IDE
2)click File>open> "select code "
4) goto Tools > "select Board type" > "select port" !!
3) click Upload !

Step 4: ArduDroid App

Picture of ArduDroid App

Go to play store search for

ArduDroid app ! and install ,
it is just a few Mb ...!

once you install the app open it !!
turn on the Home automation module and connect to the HC05,

At the beginning it will ask the password to pair both devices

enter "1234" ...that's it !! now every thing is ready !

Step 5: Working Video !!

watch this 2min video !!

Step 6: Relay Output

Picture of Relay Output

Here :: connect red and Black wire to 220v external AC supply and Load means your Appliances..

Connect Relay output to any devices like

*Garage door opener
*water pump
*Gate opener


Step 7: Please Leave a Comment !! About This Mini Project ...! Thank You


NahidA4 (author)2017-02-06

can I use hc 06?

SosanY (author)2016-06-30

it is use for?

AXR AMAR (author)SosanY2016-06-30

controlling 220v appliances,bulb, fan etc

AXR AMAR (author)AXR AMAR2016-06-30

see this ! for complete info

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