Picture of Compact Lego USB stick
This design is compact, and differs from the classic Hampton by having the same connective functionality on both sides. If you're lucky with the dimensions of the USB stick as it's also rather easy.

Parts needed:
A standard USB storage stick
A couple of pieces of Lego 3 x 16 x 48*mm
*min, or 1 piece 3 x 16 x 96 mm

A sharp craft-knife
Some good strong glue
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Step 1: Dismantle USB stick

Picture of Dismantle USB stick
Make sure you don't have any data on the stick that you can't afford to lose, but they're pretty tough.

Each design will come apart in it's own way, but a sharp knife is all you'll usually need.

Step 2: Hack Lego

Picture of Hack Lego
To cut the Lego pieces to length they were roughly weakened with a sharp knife and snapped longer than they would need to be in the finished stick. I used one Technic piece because the stick has an LED and I wanted a pre-formed hole for it.

The internal lugs were removed (as far as necessary) with a sharp knife.

The PCB was 14 mm wide, a little over the 12.5 mm inner diameter of the Lego piece. I cut channels in one of the halves with a knife to accommodate edges of the PCB, the other half would sit slightly on top of the PCB.
In the previous build (very last pic last step) I just shaved the inner edges of both halves diagonal.

Once both halves were cut & cleaned they were tested together, cut a bit more, scraped a bit and generally refined until the two halves went together nicely.

  • The ends were trimmed to length by clamping the two halves together (without the USB device) and sanding them down as a pair.

The holes were filled with lugs cut from scrap with a sharp knife, excepting the hole above the LED where I used a hacksaw to cut a red transparent lug (It's not the same plastic and it's too tough for a knife)
luc.dof13 years ago
William9304 years ago
here is mine
lemonie (author)  William9304 years ago
That's nice, looks very tidy.

emperos5 years ago
very good 'able. Much better-looking than any of the other Lego USB ones. Wish i had seen this one before I made mine...
lemonie (author)  emperos5 years ago

Thanks. I like the classic Hampton, but as "tech" I wanted "small".

emperos lemonie5 years ago
and it's easy to change the case design at will! fantastic.
LegoDI5 years ago
I think that this usb is the best ive ever seen!
yeah i know5 years ago
Nice job.
tanis93195 years ago
hello lemonie sorry for not talking reciently i have been board so i have been looking at other things but this one is really nice just as a joke can you make one for me?
lemonie (author)  tanis93195 years ago
I could post you one but it would cost you. Why not make one instead?


you wold really make one eventhough i was jokeing?

i can make one i was playing around you know how people joke
I don't know what "people" you're talking about, but that really wasn't funny. No offense...
yes i think lemonie does know how to joke but i dont think you do!
 this is a really cool lego usb
posibly the most original
NickZa5 years ago
This is COOL! i am going to get some lego and a USB and build myself a Lego USB!! Thanks
dash245 years ago
bati mani
Sunbanks5 years ago
Where in the world are all of my old legos when I need them...
I love the one with the lego guy on it :D 
sharlston5 years ago
hey just in time my usb just mysteriously came apart

great ible
lemonie (author)  sharlston5 years ago
If you know what you're doing with knives it's pretty quick & easy - go for it.

ive settled for a more industrial look ive got some 3/4 nuts so ill put them round the usb

itle probally be bullet proof when finished
lemonie (author)  sharlston5 years ago
Sounds good, I'd like to see that.

tanis93195 years ago
you need a cap for it youll think of some thing
lemonie (author)  tanis93195 years ago
I've never found a cap to be necessary. The other one still works fine.

GianniMora5 years ago
 another job well done
lemonie (author)  GianniMora5 years ago
If you don't spend a lot of time on perfection, you can knock these up pretty easily. I dislike the elaborate hacking I've seen on others. And I always mod these with extra-bits - that's the beauty of a Lego system...

ChrysN5 years ago
I really like the one with the little lego man.
lemonie (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
They're easy enough to modify, though I suppose that's obvious. L
fwjs285 years ago
that is a-freaking-mahzing!...6/5
lemonie (author)  fwjs285 years ago
Thanks, did you show your amazement with a rating or are you still reeling from that? L
fwjs28 lemonie5 years ago
at the time, Opera was being finicky and not allowing me to ill just say i was reeling of amazement
lemonie (author)  fwjs285 years ago
OK, You find Opera to be a good browser (I don't know but I hear good things)? L
fwjs28 lemonie5 years ago
yes, opera is a great browser, but it has occasional problems with rendering websites..i love, the new opera 10 with the visual tabs and email client..infact there is a neat little element called panels on the sidebar, which can be anything from favorites, to history, to mini websites, which work well with mobile sites like aim express, and browser, you should check it out
lemonie (author)  fwjs285 years ago
Yes I really should install that thing I downloaded months ago....

fwjs28 lemonie5 years ago
AndyGadget5 years ago
Hmmm Neat. I've been planning on doing something with a bare USB stick and I just may be raiding the sons' lego box.
Kaiven5 years ago
Best lego usb EVER! Good job!
lemonie (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
Thanks. L