Step 3: Glue it together

Picture of Glue it together
Once I was sure of the two halves I lightly roughened the two faces with sandpaper, applied a light drizzle of glue (including the filled-in holes) and clamped the two halves together.

Using quick setting 2-part clear epoxy it was set & finished in ~ 5 min

Finished unless you want to add bits to it that is (no glue)
emperos5 years ago
very good 'able. Much better-looking than any of the other Lego USB ones. Wish i had seen this one before I made mine...
lemonie (author)  emperos5 years ago

Thanks. I like the classic Hampton, but as "tech" I wanted "small".

emperos lemonie5 years ago
and it's easy to change the case design at will! fantastic.
yeah i know5 years ago
Nice job.
 this is a really cool lego usb
posibly the most original
dash245 years ago
bati mani