Step 2: Assemble Back Frame

Picture of Assemble Back Frame
The tool case is composed of three frames connected by hinges.

The back frame is the largest frame measuring 4x8 feet.

Begin by cutting one of the eight foot 2x6's into two boards measuring 45 inches long.
On a flat surface make a 4x8 foot frame by attaching the 45 inch boards to two of the eight foot 2x6s as shown in Figure 2A.  Drill a pilot hole and connect the 2x6 boards using the long lag screws.

Now cut the 1x2 firing strips and glue and screw them inside the 2x6 frame using the deck screws.  See Figure 2B for details.

Now cut the pegboard to 45 inches by 93 inches keeping the corners square.
Add glue to the top sides of all of the firing strips and then insert the pegboard and screw it to the firing strips using the deck screws.  When the glue dries the pegboard will act as a webbing increasing the strength of the frame.  See Figure 2C for details.