This ible is for the building of my small, almost matchbox size, arduino compatable board.
As seen in this ible.. https://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Ardiuno-kit/

I experemented with the one in this ible to see how it can be impreoved, but the consept is the same and so is the build to a degree.

Origonally made as a pocket board for taking places with a few components for messing with.

Basic specs:

     - atmega168/8/328
     - TTL interface
     - 5V lines
     - reset button
     - power LED
     - Digital and Analog pins
     - Lilypad or normal bootloader (depending on chip and weather u have a crystal or not)

Options: (depending on the setup you are making it for)

     - 9V input and 7805 regulator for 9V battery power
     - Crystal/oscilator for non lilypad bootloader

Pictured is the origonal used in the linked ible.
But for this ible i shall be running through the process by building a new one just for you :3

Step 1: Parts and Tools

You will need:

 - Protoboard (i used the 3 hole strip type, but may be easier with full strip)
 - 28 pin DIP socket
 - 1K resistor X 2
 - 1 x LED
 - 1 x .01uf capacitor
 - 1 x 8 pin header (5v and TTL)
 - 1 x 12 pin header (digital pins)
 - 1 x 6 pin header (analog pins)
 - 2 x 4 pin header (power rail)
 - 1 x pushbutton
 - wire (i got mine from an old printer cable. lots aof wire and lots of colours ;) )


 - 1 x 16 Mhz Crystal or resinator/oscilator
 - 2 x .01 uf capacitors (only if using crystal, but you may get away with not using them)
 - 1 x Diode 1n4001
 - 1 x 7805 regulator
 - 1 x .01uf capacitor (for regulator)
 - 1 x 9V battery clip


 - Soldering iron
 - Solder
 - flux (its good S**t :3 )
 - clippers of some kind (for cutting wire and legs.. not your legs tho, that would be bad.. cut the component legs.. :P )
 - helping hands type thing or another pcb holder for soldering

Your avatar is sexy
I like how clean your first model is, it's a lot neater than what you finished up the 'ible with, however the second is impressively small (the first was impressively small, actually, but the second is even smaller!). I'm definitely going to do something similar to both of these for a project I'm working on, and I must steal that threading idea for the wire connections.
thnx :) good luck
 This is awesome. Thanks!
XD<br />
Good ible on barebones when it comes to really really really barebones (protoboard)<br /> <br /> <br />
thanks :) it really is basic and could stand for a little improvement XD specially on stability ;)<br />
This is pure genius!
thnx :)<br />

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