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Introduction: Compact SRv2

I will post this gun soon, in January. So be the first to find out when it's posted by SUBSCRIBING to me!

When I posted the full-size SRv2 way back in February 09, a lot of people told me that they couldn't make it because of the lack of parts. Well here is the solution! I too have very few yellow connectors, only about 100 yellow and 20 metallic. This gun uses about 85. It isn't as powerful as the full-size version, but not by much.

The Sears mech on this doesn't lift up or push down on the ammo, like on nearly all slingshot guns (including the SRv1). Because of this, it has an incredibly high range.

This has most of KillerK's mods, albiet pulled off in a different way. The handle can now take the entire gun's weight, the stock connection is stronger, the barrel is shorter and uses fewer pieces (obviously).

Video of the full size SRv2, also available on the instructable



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    and still you have not posted,
    so much for January

    Dude this is like the simplest gun in the world. Look at the instructions for the compact SRv1 and then follow the conversion guide in my full-size SRv2 instructable and you should be good to go lol

    where in the heck are the compact srv1 instructions!!!!

    how much yellow and green would be on that gun

    About 100 yellow and less than 150 green rods (not really sure about green though). I'm assuming you're asking about the compact SRv2 rather than the full size one, which uses considerably more parts :)

    yea the compact srv2 and i think i might try and make the orignal and thanks for ansering my question

    No problem

    I feel sad. No compact SRV2. I was hoping for a line of smaller and smaller versions like IAC'S Heavy Cannon line.

    Bear in mind this is a lot simpler than IAC's cannon