Introduction: Compact Separator: a K'nex Ball Machine Separator

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Here are the instructions for the new separator on our K'nex ball machine Impossible. This separator isn't all our idea. Thibault Art originally came up with this idea on his ball machine Route 66 at 7:30, so all credit goes to him. We just made our own version and are making instructions for it. Have fun!

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Step 1: Part Count

Picture of Part Count


red: 3

yellow: 10

blue: 37

green: 26

Total rods: 158


dark grey: 5

orange: 6

red: 9

green: 2

purple: 24

yellow: 16

blue: 2

white: 1

total connectors: 65


blue spacers: 9

grey spacers: 3

Y clips: 6

tan clips: 1

small grey gears: 2

Total miscellaneous: 21

Grand total: 158

Step 2: The Frame

Picture of The Frame

The beginning is a good place to start. Let's take the frame for instance! It's what holds the whole thing together!

Step 3: The Separator Module.

Picture of The Separator Module.

This is the part that actually does the separating!

Step 4: The Exits

Picture of The Exits

The exits for the separator. Since it separates 2 paths, there are 2 exits.

Step 5: Done!

Picture of Done!

You now have your own Compact Separator to implement to your k'nex ball machine! If you built this and you want to let us know, feel free to post a picture of it, and we will add it to this step!


Random Hacks (author)2016-05-08

Now I get it!

www139 (author)Random Hacks2016-05-09

Great! :)

Random Hacks (author)2016-05-05

What does it do?

www139 (author)Random Hacks2016-05-05

it separates out balls for a knex ball machine. The video should tell you more about how it works/what it does. :)

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-05-01

Looks good :D

www139 (author)Linkin_J_Knex2016-05-01

Thanks! :)

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