Compact Spiral Didgeridoo





Introduction: Compact Spiral Didgeridoo

constructed with readily available and relatively inexpensive modular plastic plumbing... inspired by the traditional Aboriginal instrument, but assembled at the Home Depot!

Step 1: Visit Your Favorite Home Improvement Warehouse

It doesn't have to be Home Depot, but I've found their Aerophones Section.... I mean, Plumbing.... to be rather well organized compared to the competition.

Step 2: Gather Pieces

One - 2" to 3/4" reducer bushing - Mouthpiece
Ten - 2" 90 degree Street Elbow - spiral
One - 3" to 2" reducer - Bell

Its a short shopping list... and its all you'll really need to get started!

In these pictures, I'm assembling it in the aisle at Home Depot... Starting with the mouthpiece, I attach the first elbow... with each added section, you want a slight 'twist' or offset to make a proper spiral. Unless, of course, you don't want to make a spiral... But I'm making a spiral. So here we go.

Step 3: Final Assembly

The white plastic (PVC) pieces have a nasty tendency to loosen up and fall apart over time, so I've glued mine together... which precluded its disassembly for photography. I also made one with black plastic (ABS) which retains good fit and stability even after repeated disassembly... but have since given it to friend, and when I went back to Home Depot to take pictures, they were out of stock... perhaps word is already out and people are making Spiro-Didges? There is a small price difference between the black and the white plastic, I'm not sure if one is always cheaper than the other... if you want to glue it into a permanent shape, it won't matter; but if you want to play around with different shapes, I recommend the black plastic (ABS).

A year or so ago, I made a video with the black Spiro-Didge, showcasing my fantastic skill... *note massive sarcasm in preceding statement*

Spiro-Didge video on MySpaceTV



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Shut up waffles, or I'll smother you in SYRUP!

ABS and PVC didges sound terrible. At least do a bamboo one with a beeswax mouthpeice, if not traditional eucaliptus or even teak in a pinch.

Uhhhhh..... hmmmm.... okay..... wow. Guess I really wasted my time and money, huh! Except for the fact that I think its awesome and tons of fun. Which is why I thought I would share it. I'm sorry you've had such rotten experiences with plastic didges. But bamboo, eucalyptus, "or even teak in a pinch" are not what excites me. I prefer to be NON-traditional and try new things. To each their own.

NO project in which YOU (or others) gain enjoyment or understanding is a "waste" of money, time, etc. That said, when you make such efforts available for public scrutiny, you should be aware that they WILL be scrutinized. It wouldn't matter if you'd built a new cure for cancer out of a radio set or a flawless scaled replica of the Tower of London out of toothpicks--somebody's BOUND to have/offer a criticism. :-)

Oh, I am definitely aware of the criticism possible on the internet... I have a fond memory from an automotive forum of asking a specific question and getting answers to who-knows-what and all manner of personal opinion and "advice" that had absolutely nothing to do with the question.... I've come to the realization that when you cast your nets into waters so vast as the interwebs, you're bound to get some algae and kelp; no matter what you're actually fishing for. And I was employing a little bit a sarcasm on the waste part... But thank you for emphatically backing me up :)

I love how Waffles left the second he gained more than one person opposition.

ONTOPIC: Thank you so much for this tutorial and idea! I'm gonna go and make it now. I am thinking of ending it with a [insert very large diameter here] - 2" bell reducer to amplify the sound AND make it look totally badass.

Also, instead of using that weird bushing reducer for the mouthpiece, try using a bell reducer. Personally, I think bell reducers look much more attractive on PVC didgeridoos than bushings, but I dunno about you.

It may not be traditional but PVC didges do have a unique and I believe great sound. And when you add the 90 and 180 deg turns it changes the sound. Also resonance chambers for added texture you don't find in a eucalyptus didge. I once made a PVC didge shaped something like a sax that I put up into my djembeand clamped in place. this uses the drum as an amp and you get a percussive blow-back. The clamp allowed me to beat and blow at the same time. Also the slide didge (or didgeri-bone) I'm not saying that plastic is as magical as the original played by an aboriginal master but the world is big enough and music is only made richer by experimentation on the whole.
keep up the good work!