Introduction: Watertight Compact Survival Kit

Learn how to make an easy and lightweight survival kit that is easy to fit in a car, pack in a bag, or have ready to grab in case of an emergency (that you needed to leave your house)

Step 1: Gather Materials!

These are the things I put in but feel free to add/ take out anything you think you might not need. Here's a list of things I put in.

-Waterproof Matches (or a lighter)

-Paracord (10-25 ft recommended)

-Cheese spread (I took mine from an MRE)(Other food that can be left for a long time could go here)

-Water treatment tablets

-Emergency Blanket & Whistle

-Bright Poncho & Small flashlight

-Knife or a multitool

-Duck Tape

-Watertight container (I used a Nalgene water bottle)

Step 2: Start Packing!

First, you will want to pack the blanket and poncho in the bottom of the bottle

Step 3: Next

Now, you will want to add the water purification tablets duck tape roll and whistle

Step 4: On Top of That...

On top of that, you will want to put the matchbox, flashlight, and multi tool

Step 5: And on Top of That...

On top of that, you will want to put cheese spread or peanut butter (in the pictures).

Step 6: And on Top of That Stuff Your Paracord

last you can stuff the paracord in the remaining space, keeping everything in place.


raajs3s (author)2016-12-07

really Nice idea :) always easy to carry .

tortugo (author)2016-11-22

Looks like no room for toilet sad!

RZombie79 (author)2016-11-20

I would add a gallon ziplock bag along with a reusable/fold-able grocery sack. If you end up needing to use this bottle for water storage, you will not have anything to keep the other items included in the bottle in . If you end up needing the bottle and find a clean water source you could fill up the zip lock bag and carry it in the reusable/fold-able grocery sack along with the other items that would be displaced from the bottle.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-20

Water bottles make great waterproof storage. And you can pick them up really cheap at thrift stores.

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