Compact Wicking Irrigation : a Pauper Solution





Introduction: Compact Wicking Irrigation : a Pauper Solution

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Soon I will have my 2 weeks vacation. What about my garden? Who will nanny sit it?





Let's make a wicking system.

Step 1: Items

1.5 liter plastic drinking bottle

Aquarium filter

1" PVC T connector

5" PVC tube

2 bamboo skewer

1 golf ball

2 package of dark soil

(Items that I forget to add it in the picture)

1 fertilizer cup

A string


A funnel

A scissor

A hand shovel

Step 2: The Bottle

  1. I cut the bottle in two from bottom straight to the top.
  2. Also, I remove the bottle's mouth.

Step 3: The Wick

  1. I join the PVC tube with the T connector.
  2. I cut the filter into 4" x 6" of size.
  3. I roll the filter and insert it into the T connector.
  4. I make sure about 2" of filter poke out the connector on the both sides.
  5. The filter will control the flow of water into the reservoir.

Step 4: The Barrier

  1. Then, I cut the remaining filter about 26" in length.
  2. I fold the filter in the middle.
  3. I make an incision for a hole.

Step 5: The Ground Work

  1. I dig a trench about 6" x 26" x 6" (w x l x h).
  2. I arrange the two halves of the bottle straight in the trench.

Step 6: The Tube

  1. I place the tube in the middle of the trench.
  2. I secure the tube with the bamboo skewer and fasten it with a string.

Step 7: Lay in Peace

  1. I place the filter so that the tube is in the middle.
  2. Then, I cover the trench with dirt.

Step 8: The Water

  1. The tube stick out about 2" off the ground.
  2. Using a funnel, I water the system through the tube.

Step 9: The Ball?

  1. For critters deterrent (from living in the tube).
  2. For aesthetic.

Step 10: The Cup

  1. For fertilizer dispenser.

Happy vacation!

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    I really like this, it is a gtrat idea. As we have long hot dry summers I will try it out on the treelings.

    2 replies

    Thanks for commenting.
    I would like to see you make it :)

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    If you've already planted trees, you can dig a trench between the trees. The roots will know how to seek the water. However, you must dig the trench much deeper between 8"-12".

    Thanks for the comment.
    It depend on the weather and the plants. If the weather is very dry and hot and the plants are getting bigger, then I suggest to refill the reservoir about once in 7-14 days. Plus, I'll cover the ground with coco peat to prevent evaporation.
    Have a great day to you too:)
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    You can also fill the reservoir with some gravels so the dirt don't collapse into it.

    Thanks for commenting. Looking forward in your instructable...
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