Picture of Compact Workbench Build
This is an Instructable showing you how to build your own compact workbench. This workbench is perfect for college students or people living in a temporary living situation with little room to work on hobbies. Living in a small apartment, I always found it difficult to work on electronics projects and small woodworking projects in my living room. I decided that I needed a space to work and keep my tools. When thinking of where to put the workbench I decided that it should go in the closet and therefore needed to be a custom size and have lots of light. These were criteria I used when starting to plan out the build.
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Step 1: Build-Framing

Picture of Build-Framing
Photo Jun 08, 7 40 17 PM.jpg
Since this a a custom build, it will be difficult to tell you the amount of materials and cost of the materials you will need. I have to give credit to for their workbench plans. I customized these plans to fit my needs; as should you. I've posted the link below.

Tools I used for the build:

Circular Saw
Framing Square
Cordless Drill
Wood clamps
Measuring Tape

Use the material list on this link to get an estimate.

Step 2: The Hood

Picture of The Hood
Photo Jun 11, 5 45 25 PM.jpg
As I mentioned in the beginning, Light was important. I built a hood to keep light out from the closet so that there would be no glare on the computer monitor I planned to put on the desk, but still needed directional light to work on projects so I purchased a battery powered rotating light bracket from Harbor Freight and mounted it to the hood. 
nvoorst1 year ago

Is that a mini drill press? on the desk

daleruisky (author)  nvoorst1 year ago
Sure is! It is for a dremel. I picked it up from amazon for drilling small leads in printed circuit boards. Quickly found that it was cheap and has too much play. Never gets used bc of this.
daleruisky (author) 1 year ago
Glad you liked it, acunliffe1. The laptop stand is a great idea! Post a picture in my comments when you are completed- would love to see how it turns out.
acunliffe11 year ago
Love this build! I'm thinking of doing a similar thing in my bedroom with a laptop stand for arduino programming, solder station etc.
surfer82 years ago
It looks great. If you turn the front legs 90 degrees you will have easier access to the bottom shelf.
daleruisky (author)  surfer82 years ago
Great suggestion Surfer8. I'm sure the outlets would still mount conveniently this way too. I'll keep this in mind if I do a rebuild or another one. Thanks!